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Products by Lexicon

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PCM Native Reverb

Reviewed By DJMenace [all]
December 18th, 2010
Version reviewed: 1.04 on Windows

If your looking for a reverb to replace ALL then look no further! This is by far one of the greatest reverb plugins on the market today.... unfortunately its not cheap!

User Interface: 10/10

Could you make it any easier to use? Fully customizable main screen for priority attributes you wish to tweak to avoid having to toggle through the few tabs that contain all tools needed to create the ultimate reverb. Clean GUI, with everything right there in front of you!

Sound: 10/10

I give this more a 50/10 but can't unfortunately. Lexicon is renown for there reverbs and this plugin stands true to there reputation. Never have I heard a reverb plugin that makes you feel like your in the exact space being presented from it. It gives you a 3D spacial quality that is defined, crisp, rich and downright unobtainable anywhere else. Its a very refined reverb that will sit in the mix perfectly. You would have to be a miracle worker to make this reverb sound bad. Its almost impossible!

Features: 10/10

Everything you need to create a spacial environment is there for you at your disposal. It doesn't just do traditional spaces but you can really make it do spacial effects along with spectacularly fancy reverb patches. You get 7 separate reverb plugins covering Chamber, Room, Hall, Random Hall, Concert hall, Plate, Vintage Plate! 3 band EQ provided along with graphic details of the reverb presented!

Documentation: 10/10

Easy to understand and explains all.

Presets: 10/10

Hundreds of presets included! This sounds so good that just about any preset you use will sound amazing! This will make anything you put on it sound that much better.

Customer Support: 10/10

The only reason it gets a 10 is because I have yet to use it. I have heard stories however that states otherwise. So I will say this is a solid product that will not have you running to Lexicon for assistance so it scores what it does on that note.

Value For The Money: 9/10

This one was hard to score. The main reason is being the $1,800 price tag. There are a handful of reverbs that can give you awesome results for FAR less money! The reason why this IS worth the money is because this sounds so much like the Lexicon hardware. The sound alone is unlike anything you will get anywhere. It is hard to part on $2,000 on something as simple as a reverb plugin but if your serious about your sound and your music you won't go wrong. I am satisfied so it gets a 9 from me. Then again only serious people in the music business will shell out this kind of money anyhow so I don't expect bedroom producers too. Serious inquiries only!

Stability: 10/10

No problems what so ever! Rock solid


There are some that claim to be reverbs and others that need no explanation. This needs no explanation! You want professional results you get it here. Again, its almost impossible to make this sound bad! CPU processing is moderate and not too demanding for what it gives you! For those that demand the best!
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