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Lurker Beats
Oregon, USA

Welcome to Lurker Beats' Developer page.

Lurker Beats is a music producer, specializing in beats, vocal/track production, and of course, PLUGINS.

Lurker will post free plugins, and should have some affordable plugins for sale soon as well.

We make 64-bit VST3 (Windows) and 64-bit AU (MAC) plugins.

Email us with any questions, comments, or plugin suggestions.

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Contrast Distortion Mini

Reviewed By Gwugluud77 [all]
August 14th, 2022
Version reviewed: n/a on Windows

I'll use gear (hardware and vst) in boneheaded ways sometimes which I should probably be arrested for, but the only thing I've used this for once, was for inserting into a track I was micing a Fender Frontman small 10-watt/6" speaker with, on a suble, lowish distortion setting, and it added a very happening "something" to the amps' sound, and I kept it engaged through until the entire song was mixed down and ready to chuck into my YT channel for haters to revile. The amp was on the clean channel, but dialed in to a clangy, disgusting chaotic sound nevertheless (my hobby is obscure mid-60s garage rock, informed slightly with early 1976-77 punk rock...the two styles are fairly similar) covers and original try-to-be, wannabe 60s-sounding songs I, my GF and my buds come up with). This Contrast Distortion Mini lent something which helped that vibe along really nicely.

It may not be cool here to refer the reader to that song on my channel, so you can hear what I mean, idk if that might be considered "spam" or something. If so, then to the admin here, if it's necessary to edit this part out of this review, I completely understand. That would be a song, "House Of Love" by The Parameciums, on YouTube. Anyway, this quite brilliant VST comes recommended by me.

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