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Products by Maizesoft

Latest reviews of Maizesoft products

Maize Sampler
Reviewed By studiotrapsounds
May 13th, 2022

I am using Maize sampler version and I am having some trouble with the Octave settings, After importing the WAV samples on the correct key frrom C1-C8 and then exporting my project as a plugin and load it up into my Daw (Fl Studio) the sounds seem to be 2 Octaves lower and don't play at normal Octave as they do when testing in Maize and I'm not sure how to fix it or what I'm doing wrong so if anyone has any tips or information about this please let me know or email me @ studiotrapsounds@gmail.com it would be greatly appreciated.

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Maize Sampler
Reviewed By Digital coconut
November 22nd, 2019

Thanks for information. Excelent software...You can easily create a VST instrument...very cool...

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Maize Sampler
Reviewed By Musik Man
October 20th, 2017


v2.5.6 Released on 24/04/2019

Exported Plugins are Compatible with Mac OS X Mojave And Logic Pro X

i've been using this Software for 4 years now.

and it gets better with every update.

i've been in contact with the creator of this fabulous software Xiang Cao since i bought it.

i tested beta versions for him and gave him feedback to help develop this product .

i also suggested new features that will be coming in a near future .

this software up to know is the only one on the market to can easily create Mac Audio Unit - VST & VST3 Plugins and Windows VST & VST3 32/64-bit plugins

Check my Website to see Plugins Created with Maize Sampler!

Click Here to see Plugin Interface on my Website !

MB M-Lator

MB Virtual Drums

MB Virtual Bass

MB Virtual Brass

MB Mega Brass

MB Chambersym

MB Mellosym

MB Symclav III

Click Here to Listen to Demos !

MB Virtual Drums Club Series

MB Virtual Drums Rock Series

MB Virtual Drums Vintage Series

MB Virtual Bass Acoustic

MB Virtual Bass Electric

MB Virtual Brass Jazz

MB Virtual Brass Pop

MB Mega Brass

MB Chambersym

MB Mellosym

MB Symclav III

Please Give a Feedback and rate Maize Sampler software!

Musik man

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Maize Sampler
Reviewed By larslentz
April 24th, 2017

This sampler works very well. The documentation could be improved, but overall a user can find their way through it and learn how to use it. I like that the sampler can layer different sounds, then be converted to a standalone VST instrument, The standalone VST instrument can have the panel graphics of your choosing. The knobs and controls are also this way. There is LFO support internal to it and this helps with creating various sound effects.

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