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Replika Sound

Replika Sound specialise in developing very playable Virtual Instruments for Kontakt 5.3 (or newer) aimed at the composer / producer on a tight budget.

These instruments work well on their own or as a solid secondary instrument to other virtual instruments.

The first five available are:

  • RSGL01 V6 : Classical Acoustic Guitar.
  • RSGL02 V6: Electric Guitar.
  • RSGL03 : Bass Guitar.
  • RSGL04 V6 : Acoustic Guitar (Steel String).
  • RSGL05 V6: Chorus Guitar.

A brand new series was started in May 2015 - "Suspense Devices", The first three of which are :

  • RSSD01 : Dark Piano.
  • RSSD02 : Dark Guitar.
  • RSSD03 : Dark Bass.

AUDITION Player for Kontakt was released in 2019 which allows users to load thier own Samples. This multi-layered player is accompanied by :

  • RSCI01 Chamaeleon Pads & Drones.
  • RSCI02 Voltus Bass.
  • RSCI03 Muralis Rise & Ping.

More instruments in this series are coming soon.


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