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Sound Dust

A cottage industry and home to lots of rare, rusty and befuddled acoustic instruments, recorded and lovingly moulded into sample libraries.

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Reviewed By tapcity
June 10th, 2021

Everybody has an inner organist.

From seeing Quasimodo in the movies, .

from church, .

or from hearing Bach in the elevator on the way to your first big job interview.

Kontakt never brought out mine before.

This is a true modern implementation, it's got an edge.

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Reviewed By birrbits
January 20th, 2018

Simply freaking amazing.

Absolutely stunning (I almost said collection of) sounds, but it isn't a collection. It is a complete instrument.

The drone tones of the Throbber bank alone are worth the admission price.

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Modular Chaos Engine #1.1 - Found
Reviewed By matteogk
November 9th, 2015

First of all, MCE #1.1 Found Sounds is pure fun and a joy to play.

Second, it sounds great (do not expect an 808 like stuff, but this is obvious), and all these "found sounds" are a constant surprise, perfect for minimal and glitchy drum patterns, but also as an add on to other genres rhythmic loops.

Third, programming in the Chaos Engine is easy, intuitive and an endless journey, and if you love discovering and mixing sounds together this is like heaven.

Fourth, just open the "mapping editor" to see what a painstakingly work of patience is living behind this kontakt instrument (all my respect).

Fifth, I love it, use it and dance with it, therefore I simply wish to say "thank you" to Pendle fron Sound Dust.

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Tiny Chaos Engine
Reviewed By Ian Ferrin
May 2nd, 2014

It's free and it's a very creative spin on percussion. I really see this thing getting used in mainstream pop and electronic music. Plus the guy has a GREAT youtube tutorial. Very understated but really instructive.

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