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Sep 20
RT @sikorskiradek: Patriota, katolik, światowiec. https://t.co/Bzy2lsPibZ
Sep 16
get the free pack for it as well: https://t.co/X14yOUMbQd https://t.co/NilAeiseMO

A sound designer collaborating with numerous software instrument developers releasing over 30 nicely received soundsets. Let alone tens of presets for factory soundbanks released along with the premieres of several instruments worldwide.

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"Digital Sins" forces Chromaphone 2's acoustic object algorithms into a non-acoustic synthesizer world. The collection presents bright and ultra sharp sounds reminiscent of the classic digital synthesizer's precision and presence. The 144 presets are categorized into basses, bells, keys, chords, synths, soundscapes, and effects.

"When Daniel Stawczyk dropped Digital Sins the whole office stopped. We found ourselves enthralled in this altered universe where Chromaphone 2 acted as a classic digital synthesizer," said Eric Thibeault, product designer at Applied Acoustics Systems, "The 144 presets definitely gave us a retro-futuristic vibe with focused, bright, metallic, and percussive sounds that we considered truly distinctive. It felt a bit unusual considering the intrinsic acoustic grain of Chromaphone 2. And we didn't suspect we could indulge so much of the digital aesthetics with it. The excursion was a real treat."

View more videos at www.kvraudio.com/video/status

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