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Wholegrain Digital Systems
2201 Pearl St #311, Boulder CO 80302, USA

Makers of unusual audio signal processors, unabashedly digital. Our flagship is the DynPEQ family of plugins, dynamic parametric equalizers designed to brighten your day.

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Quartet DynPEQ (Native only)

Reviewed By mfruet [all]
December 3rd, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.4.2 on Mac

Whole-grain's Quartet (including Trio) DynPEQ is one the very best tools I've found in years.

Despite its GUI, which has yet to be of great improvement, it's a mind-blowing tool for dynamic equalization. Unbelievable! It probably has the fastest attack I've ever seen until now in a frequency-dependent digital circuit. It's very accurate and precise tool. But I need to say it's not for newbies yet (that would be GUI-dependent). It's learning curve requires quite a bit of knowledge, time and effort.

The guy who created it, Duane, is a very pleasing and helpful person (besides kind of a genius, of course). if you go to one of his seminars, it becomes clear that this is a tool made with love and passion in such a way it cannot go wrong.

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Quartet DynPEQ (Native only)

Reviewed By Pindos [all]
April 19th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.4.2 on Mac

This could very well be the best sounding dynamic eq on the market. While some other plugins feature a flashier GUI, just judging the sound, Quartet has fantastic filters which do not sound cold or sterile but natural and smooth, and the dynamic function can work in an undetectable way which leaves the impression that no work is being done, while switching to bypass shows a massive difference. Limiter is also fantastic and more than just an addition. Highly recommended.

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