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I thought it'd be cool to make a list to get things in one place. All the free stuffs, tutorials, Racks etc etc. You can also share your stuffs or add any links you have too. So just started searching and found these
Tracktion Free Resources in the Internet.

Tutorial Videos
Complete Tracktion 3: Streamline Works Audio: (Old one, but still relavent)
Complete Tracktion 4: Streamline Works Audio: ... MoQOv81VVf

Groove 3 Basics Tracktion 5: ... tPy8-TaBtb

Training Section of Tracktion Website:

Few More Playlists on Youtube: ... c1GeGrUiUR

Tracktion Youtube: ... D1hidh0FLw
Lay It Productions Youtube: ... 63wE7DWqsg

More to be Added:

Free Racks:

Lay It Productions:

Side Chain Compression :download/file.php?id=1902 (Requires Nova-67p)

More to be added.

(T4 Manual is still Relavent.)

Frequently Asked How to do Topics:
Side Chaining (Using Rack): viewtopic.php?t=62784
Vocoders: viewtopic.php?t=125454
MIDI Routing:??

Free VSTs:
Good Place to Start:
64 Bit Effects: ... 6&t=390110

More to be added.

The DAW Itself:
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