why does only track #1 work

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I can only get MIDI IN to work on TRACK-A!
Anything i throw at track A works just fine, however on the other tracks, no external midi in works. But Test sequence does give sound out and work on all tracks.
What am i doing wrong?

Thanx! / Dave.


TBH I forget how it works (it really needs a little user guide), but maybe this thread will help:


Thank You Howard for the reply. I checked the posts there, but it did not show any solution or explanation to the issue i have with Hosting AU. Its just strange that TRACK-A is the only one that works.
Anyway, Thanks! :)


You dont happen to know if there is any other AU/VST Host that works with Mac?


Hi Dave,

I assume that you use Hosting AU with its default setting, and your MIDI gear is sending MIDI signal through ch1. In that case, Hosting AU routes it to Track A, because "A1" is selected in the box #1 in the top stripe. A1 stands for the first plugin slot of Track A. And in the default state, MIDI-in through ch2 is routed to Track B, and so on...

The thing is that you can route multiple MIDI-ins into a plugin, but not in the opposite case.

And, thank you Howard! It's true, it needs a little user guide, or the GUI to be redone.

I must seek time...

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