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Psytrance Bass SPX90

Psytrance Bass SPX90 - Psytrance VST bassline plugin synthesizer
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Psytrance Bass SPX90

Eplex7 DSP Psytrance Bass SPX90, a psytrance VST bassline plugin synthesizer.

Bass is one of the most important elements in psytrance music. A proper psytrance bass must match the kick, it must have the right percussiveness, tonality, sharpness, the ratio between bass and sub-bass. It must also have a stable phase, the ideal length / shape of the envelope. It can not create clicks and pops like many VA synthesizers do (which are not suitable for this purpose, because they modulate the sound and phase).

Psytrance Bass SPX90 is a classic psytrance bass VST synthesizer available in 32 and 64-bits. It is suitable for the classic genre of psytrance music, darkpsy, psycore, fullon psytrance, goatrance, and can also be used perfectly in the genres of hits, techtrance, or progressive psytrance. Of course, it can be used in a whole range of other genres such as tekno, acid, rave, techno, classic trance, electro house, and many others.

In addition to classic features, it also has modern elements for creating modern and non-traditional types of bass, such as the Deep Sine-Saw I and II oscillators, Deeptron, Saw HRM1 and HRM2, adjustable sound character such as high sharpness or deep fatness.

SPX90 has a whole range of parameters and virtual circuits adapted to create original psytrance basses, 12 oscillators, analog saturating acid filter, saturation unit, fast precise filter and volume envelope adapted for fast psy basses without clicks and pops, gliding poly and mono mode, oscillator sound characteristics - high sharpness and deep fatness.

The preset manager comes with 46 tuned presets for various subgenres of psychedelic and electronic music.


- Psytrance bassline oscillator, with 12 shapes -Analog Saw, Digital Saw, Saw HRM1, Saw DRM2, Vintage saw, Analog Ramp, Digital Ramp, Digital Square, Classic Square, Deep Sine-Saw, Deep Sine-Saw 2, Deeptron.

fine-tunning, octave sellector.

- Fast and precise filter + volume envelope designed for fast percussive and stable psytrance basslines: attack, decay, sustain, envelope amount knobs.

- Acid type analog filter with Cutoff and Resonance controls.

- Oscillator sound characteristics - high sharpness and deep fatness controls.

- Fat and heavy saturation with control knob (but can be also light gentle and stable at low settings).

- Mono, Polyphonic modes, Gliding control.

- Preset manager with 46 fine-tuned presets for various subgenres of psychedelic and electronic music.

Price: 32 €.

Extra introductory price for first 50 customers of: 16,90 €.

Standard introductory price for next 50 customers of: 17,90 €.


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Psytrance Bass SPX90

Reviewed By Zakast [all]
January 21st, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0? on Windows

Want a Psytrance bass synthesizer for "experimenting" with ideas? This one might well be your "go to". Only what you need to generate a Psytrance bass is included, no fluff or gadgets getting in the way to get a good sound quickly. Not absolutely perfect, but definitely goes a long way to saving (setup) time and money. Very simple to use and does exactly what it says (and cheaply).

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