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Complete Plugin Bundle - Subscription



3 Year Subscription

Avid Complete Plugin Bundle
What is it?
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64-bit versions of Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, or Pro Tools | Ultimate (iLok not required)
System Requirements
64-bit versions of Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, or Pro Tools | Ultimate (iLok not required)
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Voucher / Code for redemption on other website
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Complete Plugin Bundle - Subscription

Maximize your creative possibilities.

Now included with Pro Tools subscriptions.

Got Pro Tools, Pro Tools | First, or Pro Tools | Ultimate? Sound your absolute best with access to every audio plugin Avid has to offer. The Avid Complete Plugin Bundle provides the amazing sounds of classic compressors and EQs, groundbreaking virtual instruments, studio-staple effects, legendary stompboxes, powerful reverbs, the world's greatest guitar amps, and much more—all at your fingertips. And now the bundle is included with all Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate subscriptions at no extra charge.

With over 75 individual plugins available across all of these titles, it's like having unfettered access to an entire studio full of prized gear.

Avid Complete Plugin Bundle | Features.

The Avid Complete Plugin Bundle has over 75 individual audio plugins including:

All Plugins From The Classic Compressor Bundle.

Pro Multi Band Dynamics.

Eleven Mk II - Guitar & Bass Amp.

Moogerfooger Bundle for Vintage Effects & Synth Emulators.

Reverb One.

Guitar Pedals for Distortion, Delay, Wah, Phaser, Chorus, and More.

VST Plugins / Virtual Instruments: Drum Machine, Guitar, Bass, Piano, and More.

The Avid Complete Plugin Bundle is included with Pro Tools subscription plans.

Additional Information.

Avid Complete Plugin Bundle | Additional Info.

What Plugins Are Included?

The Avid Complete Plugin Bundle is a collection of the best audio plugins that Avid has to offer. There are over 75 individual plugins, so we'll highlight a few.

The Classic Compressor Plugin Bundle:

This is everything you've ever wanted when you think of must have plugins to produce your favorite vintage tones. The BF-2A plugin emulates the beloved LA-2A tube compressor, which is arguably one of the most legendary compressors ever made. This audio plugin is known for its rich yet smooth tone, and it's classical 60's compression characteristics. While the original compressors, the LA-2A and LA-3A, used the same T4 electro-optical panel module (ELOP), the sound of the two compressors is very different, and the same goes for the two compressor plugins. The BF-3A plugin was created off of the LA-3A compressor, which was famous for delivering a unique sonic texture that sounds great on any voice or instrument. It was especially known for its ability to bring out the midrange frequencies, making it commonly used with the electric guitar.

The Purple Audio MC77 compressor plugin was developed with the sound of the late nineties in mind, and it started with the recreation of the "E" revision to one of the most iconic solid state limiting amps. With the MC77 you get the elite functionality and lightning fast response, making it a great solution for cultivating the dynamics and adding personality to your audio mixes. This audio plugin is great for bass guitars, kicks, vocals and more.

The Fairchild 660, and Fairchild 670 compressor plugins were designed with that 50's vinyl era in mind. The original compressors were known for their mind-blowing advance compression and unmatched sound. These audio plugins gives you a software reproduction of those incredible vintage compressors that was designed to emulate every distinctive detail of the original Fairchild compressors.

Pro Multi Band Dynamics Plugin:

This dynamic audio plugin processes with the lowest possible latency. It delivers crisp phase changes that's free of static and artifacts allowing you to shape your sound with exactitude by selectively compressing or expanding audio in up to four frequency bands. Pro Multiband Dynamics is a powerful Pro Series 64-bit AAX plugin with a user friendly interface that will help you deliver master-quality productions with ease.

Eleven MK II - Guitar & Bass Amp Plugin:

Eleven MK II delivers the sounds of the most popular guitar and bass amps, making it one of the best audio plugin collections. Get the sounds that are modeled after vintage amps such as Fender, Marshall, VOX, and more (33 total amps), plus speaker cabinets that gives you additional options to producing the sounds you want. This audio plugin has preset amp configurations that makes it even easier to create the guitar tones you desire.

Moogerfooger Plugin Bundle:

The Moogerfooger Plugin Bundle by The Bomb Factory is a recreation of 4 famous analog Moog pedals, which combines the finest features of audio effects and vintage synth modules to produce the ultimate sonic sounds, especially the beloved analog delay. The interface features authentic analog designs with seamless graphics, and signal processing that allows the Moogerfooger plugins to deliver just as well as the original Moog pedals: Ring Modulator; Lowpass Filter, 12-Stage Phaser, and Analog Delay.

{See video at top of page}

Additional Plugins in this Bundle:

Guitar Pedal Plugins.

Digital Delay.

Distortion and Overdrive.




Virtual Instrument Plugins (VST Plugins):

Drum Machine.

Grand Pianos.




Types of Audio Plugins in this Bundle:

Dynamics and EQ Plugins.

Effects, Filters and Emulators Plugins.

Reverb and Delay Plugins.

Stompbox Effects Plugins.

Virtual Instruments Plugins (VST Plugins).


*Get the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle with a Subscription to Avid Pro Tools and Pro Tools |.

* Please note that Avid HEAT and Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Pro are not included in the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle.

** These plugins are not connected with, or approved or endorsed by, the owners of the Boss, Electro-Harmonix, Fender, Ibanez, Leslie, Maestro, MXR, Pro Co, Ross, Univox, or Xotic names. These names are used solely to identify the guitar effects emulated by these plugins.

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