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Noise Removal / Restoration by Waves
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Z-Noise is ideal for background noise such as tape hiss, ground hum, and computer noise, Z-Noise is a true broadband processor which can eliminate high-frequency hiss and low-frequency rumble simultaneously, while preserving the sonic integrity of your source.

Other noise reduction methods need you to provide a section of pure noise in order to deliver optimal results. Z-Noise features an "Extract" mode which can create a noise profile from sources that contain signal, as well as a flexible "Adaptive" mode. This dynamic noise profiling delivers results when reducing noise that changes over time.

Z-Noise gives you the power to shape your noise profile with pinpoint accuracy, using a familiar 5-band EQ interface. Real-time operation means you can fine-tune parameters and hear your changes as you make them. You can monitor the entire Audio output or just hear the Noise being removed. Z-Noise even lets you choose between increased frequency resolution or improved time resolution, or a combination of the two.


  • Analyzer displays the Input signal in Red, the Noise profile in White, Output signal in Green, and the EQ profile in Orange.
  • Noise Profile EQ offers 5 Band On/Off, Band Type, Frequency, Gain, and Q controls to shape your noise profile.
  • Threshold determines the level below which the noise profile is cleaned, while the level above the profile is unchanged or processed minimally.
  • Reduction defines the amount of noise reduction applied to the signal below the Threshold.
  • NR The Noise Reduction meter displays the amount of noise being removed.
  • Release sets the time it will take for noise reduction or gain attenuation to occur.
  • Attack is the time it takes for attenuation to stop or for the gain to rise.
  • Transient preserves transients by enhancing them before the noise reduction process takes place.
  • Knee adjusts the sharpness of the gain reduction curve below the noise profile.
  • Learn Use it to create a noise profile when you have a sample of pure noise.
  • Extract creates a noise profile from sections that have mixed-signal and noise.
  • Adaptive scans your track in real-time and creates a noise profile on the fly.
  • Smooth sets the highest frequency resolution.
  • Punch delivers the best time resolution, perfect for recordings with significant attacks and transients, like percussive sounds or plucked strings.
  • Norm offers a balance between frequency and time resolutions.
  • Output lets you choose between Audio (the audio after Z-Noise processing) and Difference (the noise being removed).
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