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Effectrix2 Effectrix2 Effectrix2
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Windows 7 or higher
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macOS 10.13 or higher
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Effectrix2 is made for applying effects using a 32-step sequencer environment featuring swing and dynamic length.

It is is packed with an expanded collection of 14 mind-bending effects, allowing you to effortlessly twist, manipulate, and morph your audio in real-time.

Paint the matrix, unleash melodic potential, sculpt transients and create intricate rhythmic patterns with a fine selection of effects: Looper, Grain, Ring, Vinyl, Spectrum, Tonalizer, Crush, Filter, Phaser, Modulation (Chorus or Flanger), Delay, Reverb and Level.

From classic time-stretching and looping to granular synthesis and glitchy madness, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a professional producer, hobbyist, or daring DJ, Effectrix2 will become your go-to tool for adding that extra touch of magic to your tracks.

:Key Features:
- 32-step effect sequencer with swing and dynamic length
- 14 high-class effects from classic to advanced
- Up to 12 complete setups (patterns)
- Intelligent random
- Flexible modulation per step
- Dynamic signal flow
- Individual Dry/Wet and global Mix control
- Over 400 handcrafted presets.

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Reviewed By NWSM [all]
November 24th, 2023
Version reviewed: 2.0.2 on Windows

Effectrix2, if you not owned the first Version (like me) is a mindblowing next Level Multieffect with jaw dropping modulations per Step. Imho Multieffects are the future, you dont need ONE Filter in your Row and ONE Reverb, you load Effectix2 and got all Effects faster. I can load around 7 Instances in a Row to see something in CPU-Meter. The quality of SB's Plugins are well know pretty god. Shifting the Activity-Blocks or stretch the blocks is intuitive and easy, also you got the WET Knob where you rule the Intensity of every Effect in different mix styles. You can bind the Lane Automation to modify all activity Blocks or un-bind to modify just one u selected.

You got 32 steps and you can stretch an Effect over this length. Like if you use LEVEL FX you can build up a rise-up or -down pretty easy. One Click Solo or activate FX's. The Holy Looper Section is just brilliant its Looper and TapeStop Loop. Host Sync up to 1/32. Random everywhere for the FX, for all FX Activity, and the Steps for every FX Lane. You can save every FX Preset.

Every Knob of every FX can be Modulated with 4 LFO-Types, Env Follower, 2 Stepsequencer Types, Simple Slope, AR and Random. Re-Order FX as known. Its more flexible than Looperator for sure and i think more flexible as Version 1.

Cons Minor Cons:

  • you dont see what parameter is modulated/ automated.
  • you got only one modulation section.
  • the Fonts looking aliased.
  • Becasue the Level FX you can too easy clip and get artifacts.


  • shift a single block into a blockchain to break up the chain or double click to set a single block into a chain, there is no way to break up chains as shifting and length edit.
  • "parameter is modulated" indicator.
  • change font.
  • Global Limiter or Gain to easy Volume down or get rid of easy Clipping and Loudness.


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