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Electromagnetik: Wurly Model 120

Electric Piano Bass by IK Multimedia
Wurly Model 120
What is it?
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System Requirements
*SampleTank 4.1.4 or later is required for all Electromagnetik libraries.
System Requirements
*SampleTank 4.1.4 or later is required for all Electromagnetik libraries.
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Electromagnetik: Wurly Model 120

A soulful alternative to other stage pianos

Wurly Model 120 is based on the Wurlitzer Model 120 portable electric piano from the 1950s, one of the earliest electric pianos to find its way into the pop music charts. Wurlitzer electric pianos use hammers striking a metal reed and electromagnetic pickups for their distinctive tone.

The Model 120 also has a valve-based Class AB push-pull amplifier that uses two 6v6 vacuum tubes. The result is a super-warm tonality that contrasts well with the later model Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.

When a Rhodes is not enough

Ray Charles used the Model 120 to great effect on the songs, "What I'd Say" and "Unchain My Heart." The Model that we sampled for Wurly Model 120 is a superbly maintained vintage specimen from 1959, full of mid-century modern style. We used IK's super deep multi-velocity sampling techniques to capture all its distinctive analog tone and soulful dynamics.

Sit down and stand out

With Wurly Model 120, you'll find an extraordinary source of inspiration and what may be the missing link in most keyboard collections: a piano that truly lets you unchain your heart in music.

SampleTank 4

The new SampleTank 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to be every musician's "go to" workstation for music creation, with a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming, to deliver more powerful music creation tools than you ever imagined. What might usually take dozens of plug-ins can be accomplished right inside SampleTank 4, for lightning-fast workflow that keeps your inspiration going.

Wurly Model 120 works inside SampleTank 4 CS, offering you all the features of the new SampleTank 4* engine and over 4 GB of fresh sounds to get started.

*SampleTank 4.1.4 or later is required for all Electromagnetik libraries.


  • An alternative stage piano with unique tone.
  • 590 MB of sample content.
  • 20 SampleTank 4 instrument presets.

20 Instrument presets :

  • Wurly Model 120.
  • Wurly Model 120 CH1.
  • Wurly Model 120 CH2.
  • Wurly Model 120 ENS1.
  • Wurly Model 120 ENS2.
  • Wurly Model 120 ENS3.
  • Wurly Model 120 FL1.
  • Wurly Model 120 FL2.
  • Wurly Model 120 Jazz Amp.
  • Wurly Model 120 PH1.
  • Wurly Model 120 PH2.
  • Wurly Model 120 Rock Amp.
  • Wurly Model 120 Space 1.
  • Wurly Model 120 Space 2.
  • Wurly Model 120 TP1.
  • Wurly Model 120 TP2.
  • Wurly Model 120 Vib.
  • Wurly Model 120 Wah.
  • Wurly Model 120 Wobble.
  • Wurly Model 120 Zoinks.

Also included in Electromagnetik.



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