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Quetzal - World of the Mesoamerican Jungle

World Instruments by Best Service
Quetzal - World of the Mesoamerican Jungle
Quetzal - World of the Mesoamerican Jungle
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Quetzal - World of the Mesoamerican Jungle

Quetzal, the fantastic world of the Mesoamerican Jungle by Eduardo Tarilonte.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of a forgotten time and experience a majestic collection of Clay Flutes, faithful reproductions of ancient instruments, and over 80 captivating soundscapes.

Quetzal offers over 7,000 individual samples and more than 50 playable instruments. With elaborate multisamples and various articulations, Quetzal provides a versatile and authentic sound palette for any production.

The combination of an outstanding selection of instruments and dreamy sonic atmospheres creates a powerful collection that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of included sounds and their quality.

Quetzal is the very first product specifically developed for the Engine Player, which Best Service is releasing under their new software brand, Engine Audio.

Key Features Overview:

  • Over 7,000 individual samples.
  • More than 50 playable instruments.
  • Mysterious flutes telling ancient legends.
  • Ancient drums following the heartbeat of the earth.
  • 80 captivating soundscapes.
  • Vocals resonating with the wisdom of ancient priests.
  • Over 80 pre-made presets.

The instruments of Quetzal

With over 7,000 individual samples, Quetzal contains a large number of sounds made up of over 50 playable instruments such as flutes, drums, vocals, and 80 breathtaking soundscapes.

Quetzal offers a big amount of ancient mesoamerican instruments. From the clay flutes like the tlapitzalli (flutes), the huilacapitzli (ocarinas), the ehecalt (wind whistles), the water flutes, the atecocolli or the incus to a set of percussion like the ayacachtli, huehuetl, panhuehuetl, clay drums, and shaker among others.

You will also find inspiring vocal fx and sounds to add an authentic flavor to your tracks. On top of that there are over 80 dream-like soundscapes that evoke mysterious temple, ruins, and deep jungles.

Most instruments consist of extensive multisamples (24-bit/44.1 kHz) with several dynamic levels, various articulations, round-robin, real legato as well as glissando samples.

Overview of included sounds:

  • Winds: A large collection of multi-sampled wind instruments and phrases: Atecoccolli: Shell horn, Incus: An instrument with a strong resemblance to a Didgeridoo.
  • Clay Flutes: Huilacapitzli (Ocarinas), Tlapitzalli (Flutes), Double and Triple Flutes, Other Flutes.
  • Flutes FX: Bird Whistles, Death Whistle, Ehecalt (Wind Whistles), Whistling Vessels (Water Flutes), Wild FX and Phrases.
  • Percussion: Ayacachtli: Rattle, Chicahuaztli: Rain Stick, Clay Drum, Huehuetl: Tubular Drum, Panhuehuetl: Frame Drum, Shaker Ambiences 1, Shaker Ambiences 2, Shakers, Teponaztli: Slit Drum, Teponaztli Low: Slit Drum.
  • Voices: In this section, you will find a range of vocal FX to give your music that special touch: Breaths, Ghostly Breaths, Ghostly Words, Nahual Howling Screams, Nahual Moving Drones, Nahual Phrases, Nahual Screams, Nahual Shouts 01, Nahual Shouts 02, Nahual Tuned Words, Nahual Words.
  • Soundscapes: Over 80 dreamy soundscapes, divided into 10 ambiences: Abandoned Temples (8), Ancientwinds (8), Crystalskulls (4), Flutepads (29), Guardianspirits (5), Lost Cities (5), Rainforestmist (4), Sacred Places (10), Silent Forest (4), Xibalbá (4).

Easy to use user interface

Quetzal transports the sound of ancient civilizations of the Mesoamerican jungle into DAW-based production environments. The carefully programmed user interface makes it easy for you to work with the library so that your creativity can fully unfold. The Blow Intensity control, for example, allows you to create realistic flute performances using the pitchbend wheel.

Most of the multi-sampled flutes have different velocity layers and different attacks triggered via velocity. Glissando legato is also triggered via velocity. Soft velocity triggers glissando and normal velocity triggers regular legato.

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