King Oz Records

King Oz Records

So, officially; King Oz Records got started in about 2015; That's when I (Le Attol) had a few amateur singles and albums that I'd had on the internet. It seemed like fun. And often times I'd thought the money that I had spent for plugins was well worth it, and it was'nt.

It just doesn't stop being frustrating too; When mixing music unless You have something that really works well. And due to My own frustration I've learned how to make the best.

I make commercially sound plugins, I test them in a variety of ways. I ensure that they are always below 3%; And ideally I prefer 1-1.3% of the CPU used, but sometimes mastering plugins are worth their weight. They can cost roughly 2.5% CPU.

So, when it's all said and done I have about a year of embarassing technical flaws to catch up with and utilizing My own software to remedy them keeps Me busy. I have a feeling when I've remixed everything just so that I'll be a lucrative artist.

However, ultimately My goal I hope to realize is making Soundtracks for movies, television, miniseries and maybe even Youtube.
It's one of the markets in music that still pays fairly well.

Good luck using the VST's Manufactured and Released by both King Oz Records and Bip Sounds.

VSTplug william de-esser
VSTplug william de-esser
De-esser by King Oz Records
Compressor, Limiter
Windows VST

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