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DSPplug smooth
What is it?
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Windows VST2, VST3 64-bit compatible DAW
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No License Required
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Important Note
please report any issues to re17qw@gmail.com
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DSPplug smooth

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The DSPplug smooth is a one of a kind. A ceiling limiter that attempts to deal with true peak limiting, the smooth is the answer to the question "Is auto-makeup absolutely necessary?". The answer: not really. And the only reason why is an alternative math with the same result.

The DSPplug smooth promises to be an elite experience for those serious about making music fast. Whether it comes to reducing punch from a vocal, or it is about making a sound blend well into into the track so that it is not affecting the overall threshold, the smooth is reliable and fast.

In this phase of the DSPplug smooth's development, I will say that the smooth does something really fantastic. It will actually heal distortion and get rid of it from a distorted file. However, with that amazingness comes a price, you're required to add gain manually with enough amplitude to cause the "seemingly" natural dynamic to be formed. In later versions, I may add an auto eq which will automatically detect and add the relevant gain so that adding an eq behind is not absolutely necessary. However, is that any different than how a professional track has always been mixed? I failed to see the problem, however a quirk it may seem.

Has there ever been a more sarcastic name than smooth though? Probably not because it's a bit fuzzy sounding :D.

V1.0 : Initial Release
V1.1 : Removed envelope limiter, added M/S tech.
V1.2 : Per customer request added TP Ceil Limiter.
V1.3 : Upgraded algorithm so as to be dynamically applied to sound based on %.
V1.4 : Aesthetic Updates, Also renamed a preset for ease of automation.
V1.5 : Perfected the ceiling detection and limiting but it is extremely overbearing to ensure accuracy. Detection test included both mono and split stereo.

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