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Morpheus - Phase Plant Presets

Presets for Phase Plant by New Loops
Morpheus - Phase Plant Presets
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phase plant presets
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Morpheus - Phase Plant Presets

Morpheus - Phase Plant Presets (Kilohearts Phase Plant Expansion)

Morpheus - Phase Plant Presets is the new concept bank from New Loops inspired by 30 year old digital synthesisers. Morpheus exclusively uses the wavetable oscillators and filters to create dynamic, evolving, and expansive ambient pads and cinematic soundscapes. These presets have a futuristic, spacey, cinematic sound with lots of depth. Use the mod wheel to morph the sound and add modulation with aftertouch. Using the Attack macro will double up the presets giving you a bank of creative, ambient synth keys.

8 Macros Assigned with Timbre Shift

Each of these Kilohearts Phase Plant presets has the mod wheel, aftertouch, and all 8 macros assigned. The macros are setup to give you more control over the sound. Use the Attack and Release macros to change the pads in to synth keys. Control the filter modulation with the Mod and Speed controls. The Pitch Drift and Noise macros give a more organic, analogue sound to the patch. The Timbre Shift macro (controlled by the mod wheel) adds variations to the sound, new textures, or morphs the preset into something different. Finally, the FX macro gives control over the delay and reverb effects.

Morpheus - Kilohearts Phase Plant Expansion will surely find its way into many genres and will be especially useful for modern film scores, sound tracks, game scores, backing tracks, downtempo, ambient, trance, techno, and many other styles of electronic music.


  • 32 Phase Plant presets.
  • Morphing wavetable pads.
  • Future ambiences and drones.
  • Cinematic pads and strings.
  • Spacey ambient soundscapes.
  • All 8 macros assigned.
  • Use Attack macro for ambient synth keys.
  • Timbre Shift macro for preset morphing.
  • Mod wheel, aftertouch, velocity assigned.
  • Preset descriptions and tags.

Available now from newloops.com. Download the free demo presets.

{See video at top of page}

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