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Retro Synthstack
Retro Synthstack Retro Synthstack Retro Synthstack Retro Synthstack Retro Synthstack
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Retro Synthstack

Retro Synthstack is the combination of 13 different analog synth oscillators. We sampled the ever classic Juno-60, the undeniable deep tones of Moog, and the sharp and incisive waves of the Prophet. Since old synths have quirks and irregularities on each note, we tracked them all. Real synths you've heard so many times, tracked thru tube preamps, arranged and stacked so you can combine them in brand new ways.

Undeniably classic, these three synths have such character in their oscillators so we didn't just sample one note, we made sure to sample the whole keyboard.

It is always inspiring to see what happens when you combine more than one synth on the same lead line, or pad, so we stacked all 13 so you can make truly unique vibes. Use each oscillator sound as a solo instrument or blend them together in infinite configurations to create brand new hybrid tones.

A fully customizable arpeggiator gives these vintage synth samples the functionality of an actual analog synth. Shape the tone with AHDSR and a filter of your choice before it hits 3 custom shaped LFO's: Gain, Pitch, and Filter. Finish crafting your sound with 5 onboard effects.


  • 13 Sampled Vintage Synthesizer Oscillators.
  • 960 samples.
  • Onboard Mixing faders for all Instruments.
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