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VariVerb Pro

VariVerb (short for: VARIable reVERB) is a high-quality reverb plug-in that runs on an algorithmic basis. It provides a series of rooms, halls, reverb plates, spring reverbs and so-called non-linear effects, which can be edited comprehensively and easily.

"Algorithmic" refers to the reverb impression not being created using impulse responses, as is often the case nowadays. Instead the calculation is based on mathematic models, like with classic reverb devices. With VariVerb these algorithms can be chosen via a "model" list, each specialized on a specific replica or a specific purpose and given its own set of parameters. On the other hand, technology based on convolution is only able to interpret a static copy of a process, it doesn't know the room.

The algorithms:

  • Room A: Small to medium-sized room, dampening of the low frequencies, immediate response, high density/diffusion.
  • Room B: Room similar to A, less dampening, slightly different reflection pattern, responding a bit slower.
  • Hall A: Larger hall, slower reverb buildup, less density than the "rooms".
  • Hall B: Similar to hall A but later response of the reflection, slightly "colder" sound.
  • Retro Room: Classic room effect in the style of well-known hardware reverb devices from the 80s/90s. More artificial algorithms than the previous methods. The vintage/retro character takes center stage here, definitely an "effect" sound.
  • Retro Hall: Type of creation like retro room, but this is a classic hall effect with the corresponding reflection pattern. Thick, cloud-like reverberation tail.
  • Plate A: Classic reverb plate, high diffusion, quite "dark" and "heavy", slight panorama effects.
  • Plate B: Reverb plate similar to A but with lighter character, faster response.
  • NonLin Gate: Non-linear reverb, no sustain but abrupt end instead (classic "gated" reverb effect).
  • NonLin Reverse: Reverb with reversed amplitude, sound impression played such as "backwards".
  • Spring A: Model of a reverb spiral with two linked spring systems, typical echo effects and excitation noise.
  • Spring B: Similar to spring A; however, the vibration is "softer".
  • HQ Room A/B & Hall A/B: Extremely high quality and very complex simulation, which, however, is associated with high processor strain. Nevertheless, or maybe because of it, it's the definitive "main reverb" algorithm. Very plastic, tangible room impression with free positioning of the sound source and the listening location. Here, the A and B models differ slightly from one another like in the regular room and hall algorithms, that is, HQ room A provides somewhat different dimensions and different composition than B. With the HQ halls, hall B communicates with A later and sounds slightly more complex.
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