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Sampler/Sample Player by MAGIX
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Independence enables you to use, edit, customize and manipulate your instruments in one familiar environment.

Independence comes with an 18 GB sound library which contains a "best-of" collection of instruments from Yellow Tools products plus a lot of totally new content. Independence is fully compatible with Yellow Tools Modular Virtual Instruments Candy, Culture and Majestic and they plan to expand Independence continuously with more sound libraries. Additionally you can import WAV and AIFF files (up to 32-bit/192kHz) and the Auto-Mapping Import feature lets you create your custom mappings in just a few seconds.

Main features:

  • Intuitive & easy-to-use multi-page user interface.
  • Unlimited number of Layers (multi-timbral).
  • Unlimited number of samples.
  • Unlimited polyphony.
  • RF-HDD ultra fast streaming technology.
  • Auto-RAM-Cleaner for optimal RAM usage.
  • Project, Layer Set and Layer search option.
  • Built-in mixer environment.
  • Flexible modifiers.
  • Over 50 custom tune models.
  • Unique multi dynamic legato mode.
  • Advanced multi-dynamic alternate mode.
  • Custom Auto-Mapping import.
  • Hi-res wave-from display.
  • Automatic groove recognition.
  • Sophisticated mapping editor.
  • Unique control of Layers, Alternates & Sections.
  • Host automation.
  • Over 30 insert filters & effects.
  • "ORIGAMI LE" impulse response engine.
  • Premium impulse response files "INSPIRED ACOUSTICS".
  • Unlimited number of BUS channels.
  • Unlimited number of Custom channels (virtual internal channels).
  • Unipolar & bipolar step modulator (128 STEPS).
  • Unipolar & bipolar free envelope (unlimited markers).
  • 2 Keyswitch modes (global and Layer internal).
  • MIDI automation.
  • MIDI learn option.
  • Editable Layer notepad.
  • 2 sync modes (host & internal tempo).
  • Realtime auto-sync.
  • Hundreds of editable presets.
  • Active and passive velocity range.
  • Intelligent polyphony management per key.
  • Detailed content browser.
  • Absolute and relative filter settings.
  • Detailed audio sample status bar.
  • 2 pitch modes (hertz & semitones).
  • 18GB sound library.
  • AKAI S1000/S3000 import. Further import formats are available with the "Translator - Independence Edition" from Chicken Systems.
  • Cross-platform & cross-host compatibility.
  • Expandable with sound and software extension.
User Reviews Average user rating of 3.33 from 3 reviews Add A Review

Reviewed By huggorm [all]
November 10th, 2022
Version reviewed: 3.1 on Windows

The most unstable instrument plugin I've ever come across.

Verdict: Unreliable, unstable, outdated.

I hadn't used a DAW in years, so I wanted an entry-level DAW to start working on music. I chose Music Maker by Magix and Independence came with the software.

At first I thought the problems with Independence were due to my setup or configuration. After all, I had no reference point to compare it to at the time.

I opened support tickets, and as an IT professional I am no stranger to troubleshooting or communication errors to the support desk. But getting help with this problem has been proven to prove futile.

Unfortunately, I had also chosen to buy instrument extensions for a not insignificant amount of money.

After spending an enormous amount of time debugging and trying to get this plugin to work stably I gave up. Deleted Music Maker and Independence and moved on. Something I haven't regretted in terms of actually being able to produce music.

I can't recommend Independence to anyone, I found it useless.

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Reviewed By Saukar30 [all]
March 7th, 2019
Version reviewed: 3.7 on Windows

Independence is a great tool to have when you want to have a variety control over your sounds that other samplers seems to miss. Granted, this VST has not been updated in sometime, but it contains features that some new samplers even lack. MIDI Bank & Prgram changer for layers, presets saving & recall for effects & modifiers, internal VST fx & instrument support and more... all with being low on the CPU. Using it as is, you can make this a mainstay of your virtual setup. I have the version qithout sounds, as I prefer to roll my own, and it suits that purpose very well.

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Reviewed By tomotello [all]
March 31st, 2014
Version reviewed: 8.1 on Windows

I've used already Yellow Tools Independence 2, upgraded to version 3. But during the phase before the handover to Magix I've abandoned it and tried many other Samplers and find me after years back again with Independence. From my point of view this product is currently underestimated on the market. Let me try to bring it to the audience where it should be.
My deep respect for the developer.


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