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YSampler it's a simple and easy-to-use sampler for those who want to save their resources using five samples. Provides unique stereo dynamics and multiplying of semitones interval.

Use YSampler to make your work easier with great results.


  • Five boxes with a visual audio profile for samples.
  • Easy allocation for notes range and root note.
  • Graphical visualization for each note played by velocity and time.
  • Note position view.
  • Attack and Release.
  • On/off button.
  • The possibility of multiplying the semitones interval - unique feature. For example, if we set this multiplier to 12 and the root note value is C4, we will get the C5 value if we play the C#4 key. You can use subunitar value, for example 0.5 and the root note value is C4, we will get the C#4 value if we play the D4 key.
  • Pan position setting.
  • Pan alternate - a unique and very useful feature which give you dynamics of stereo to your music. For example, if we set pan position to 90% and activate the alternating pan, the first key played will be 90% to right and the next 90% to left.
  • Reverse and loop buttons.
  • Can be used for drums, pluck, keys, leads and pads.
  • Free for 60 seconds.
  • Can upload sfz files with a maximum of three samples. Available directives:
  • and sections default_path=(string)
    lokey=(12-127 or string like C2) - only in
    pitch_keycenter=(12-127 or string like C2) - only in
    hikey=(12-127 or string like C2) - only in
    pitch_keytrack=600 (100 mean one semitone)
    ampeg_attack=0 (decimal seconds)
    ampeg_release=0.8 (decimal seconds)
    loop_mode=no_loop || loop_continuous || loop_sustain
    direction=reverse || any word
    pan=-80 (-100 left, 100 right)
    pan_alternate=yes || any word


  • Value input by key: over to any knob and right click, insert value by key then hit enter.
  • Also click left on the note to change its value by key.
  • Set default value: double click on the knob.


DAW (VST host), Windows 32/64-bits or MacOS VST and AU.

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