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News Archive for September 2004

30th September 2004Skale Tracker v0.8 released

30th September 2004Zynewave Podium v1.1.6 released

29th September 2004Oli Larkin releases The Endless Series

29th September 2004Camel Audio release Cameleon 5000 v1.5

29th September 2004Apple releases two new Jam Packs

29th September 2004Apple Logic Pro 7 & Logic Express 7 released

29th September 2004JXSynth v1.2 set Free

29th September 2004Lucifer v1.1 released (inc. OS X)

29th September 2004NI introduces Competitive Cross-grade for Elektrik Piano

28th September 2004Rob Papen / LinPlug Albino v2.1 released

28th September 2004Korg announces Kreative Control Pack for microKONTROL

28th September 2004Mutagene POCAS v0.4 released

28th September 2004NI Electronic Instruments 2 updated

27th September 2004NuEdge releases Sonic Charge MicroTonic for OS X

27th September 2004X-Wheel of Fortune Pro updated to v1.2b

27th September 2004Vengeance Soundset for discoDSP Discovery released

27th September 2004Makunouchi Bento releases offZET v1.1

27th September 2004e-phonic Drumatic 3 released

27th September 2004ConcreteFX releases Rock

27th September 2004MusicLab releases RealGuitar demo for Mac

27th September 2004SONICBYTES ERA, EST & Gat'R updated

27th September 2004MHC updates Studio Setup (AU) to v2.0.3

25th September 2004Cakewalk Sonar 4 released

24th September 2004New banks uploaded

24th September 2004Kelly Industries updates Bass Manager and LCRS Matrix Encoder

24th September 2004NuBi v0.1.1 released

23rd September 2004Best Service Artist Grooves released

23rd September 2004LinPlug RM IV v4.1.1 released

23rd September 2004SynthEdit updated to v0.957.2

23rd September 2004Oli Larkin Beat Morpher 1.0 released

23rd September 2004Tobybear MiniHost v1.0.5 released

22nd September 2004MusicLab RealGuitar demo released

21st September 2004Blue Cat Flanger and Chorus released

21st September 2004antti ASynth v1.0 released

21st September 2004AudioRealism Bass Line v1.5 released (inc. OS X)

21st September 2004reViSiT updated to v0.85.2

21st September 2004Reaktor Electronic Instruments 2 released

21st September 2004P SOFT VOID academic pricing

20th September 2004X-Wheel of Fortune Pro v1.2 released

20th September 2004n-Track Studio v4.0 Build 1680 released

20th September 2004Nu Audio Science releases Dopetwistas for Wusikstation

20th September 2004LinPlug RM IV v4.1b released

20th September 2004Voxengo GlissEQ v2.2 released

20th September 2004Nomad Factory announces AU support

18th September 2004OdO Rhythms v2.0 and Rhythms BD released

18th September 2004Group Buy Fever

17th September 2004VSTHost updated to v1.13

17th September 2004g200kg ProtoPSG updated to v0.0.4

17th September 2004LinPlug RM IV v4.1 released

17th September 2004Wusikstation updated to v1.0.6

17th September 2004RealGuitar discount for K-v-R members

17th September 2004NADS v1.0 released

17th September 2004otiumFX Compadre announced

17th September 2004EmptySquare NuBi v0.1.0.1 released

17th September 2004Ableton Live v4.0.3 released

16th September 2004SKNote Solo updated to v0.0.4

15th September 2004ProSounds release The Hydra Collection

15th September 2004Ableton Live updated to v4.0.2

15th September 2004dfh Superior v1.3 released

15th September 2004White Noise Audio Zero Vector announced

15th September 2004Silverspike R2 released

15th September 2004SynthEdit updated to v0.957.1

14th September 2004SynthFont v0.9.8 released

14th September 2004Acon releases Studio Necessities

14th September 2004BuzMaxi v1.0 released

14th September 2004Elemental Audio releases Neodynium

14th September 2004eJ updated to v1.2.5

13th September 2004Crunchessor v1.1 released

13th September 2004USB SonicBoomBox released

13th September 2004SpinEQ updated to v1.0 build 103

13th September 2004e-LAB Obsession v1.1 released

12th September 2004buzzroom BuzMaxi v0.8.1 beta released

12th September 2004Juno 6 v1.0 released

12th September 2004reViSiT updated to v0.85.1

11th September 2004Leapfrog Audio announces Rephrase

11th September 2004Bornemark Broomstick Bass announced

11th September 2004kARMAkILLER updated to v1.1

10th September 2004n-Track Studio v4.0 build 1673 released

10th September 2004MrRay Electric Piano v2.0 released

10th September 2004ToTc Productions releases The CM Studio Collection

9th September 2004NI Kompakt updated to v1.0.3

9th September 2004EastWest Sounds Online Labor Day sale

9th September 2004Audio Damage releases Ratshack Reverb

9th September 2004Mukoco updated to v0.6

9th September 2004LinPlug CronoX updated to v2.1.1

8th September 2004Wusikstation v1.0.4 released

8th September 2004CC4 releases The Box, kabgnals and Thingumajig

8th September 2004VSampler 3.5 RC released

8th September 2004Quad Frohmage v1.2 & Ohmygod AU released

8th September 2004Bojo sets Organ One & Impulse free

7th September 2004ModernBeats releases Vinyl Scratchez 1 - Kiks & Cymbalz

7th September 2004Devine Machine Lucifer released

7th September 2004Retro-gs01 released (plus Retro-gs02)

7th September 2004VAZ 2010 v2.0 released

7th September 2004NI Reaktor Komplete updated

7th September 2004UKAS v1.2 released

7th September 2004Tekniks Blue Shock shipping

6th September 2004ConcreteFX Kubik updated to v1.1

6th September 2004SynthEdit updated to v0.956.8

6th September 2004Delta SP v1.5.9 released

6th September 2004Sonicreef Tsunami v1.6 released

4th September 2004Oli Larkin releases Spacestation

4th September 2004Synapse Poly-850 for OS X released

4th September 2004Analog Industries Filterizer released

4th September 2004Sony Sound Forge v7.0b released

4th September 2004NI Reaktor Session v1.1.3 released

4th September 2004NI Reaktor v4.1.3 released

3rd September 2004LinPlug SaxLab announced

3rd September 2004SQ4² v1.1 released

3rd September 2004Steinberg Cubase SX 3 announced

3rd September 2004Delta SP updated to v1.5.8

2nd September 2004BionicFX announces Audio Processing on NVIDIA GPU

2nd September 2004BuzComp bundle v1.0 demo released

2nd September 2004Audiobulb Sophia released

2nd September 2004Native Instruments announces Electronic Instruments 2

2nd September 2004Tweakbench Minerva v1.0 released

2nd September 2004Electronisounds releases Beyond Gravity: The Outer Reaches

2nd September 2004Toontrack DFH-Superior v1.3 announced

2nd September 2004Cakewalk SONAR 4 announced