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ConcreteFX releases Rock


ConcreteFX have released Rock, a free Windows VSTi "distortion" synth - good for creating nasty basses, leads, distorted pads, sequences and weird sounds.

Rock uses two oscillators and filters, each with lots of shaping and combining options to create different sounds, including being able to create your own waves (hundreds of different additive waves are included with Rock).

All the synth parameters are controllable using a mod matrix which can using envelopes, LFOs, step sequencers and MIDI controls as mod sources.

Six effects (Compressor, Distortion, Low-Fi, EQ, Delay, Reverb), the order of which you can change, with FX feedback.

Rock is fully skinable and comes with 2 sets of skins, as well a full manual and 128 presets.


  • Two oscillators and two filters. Oscillators can be used in additive, ring mod, FM and sync modes, filters in 12/24db low/high/bp/br mode with interfilter distortion.
  • Each oscillator can used sine,tri,sqr,saw,noise or 2 user waves. Lots of shaping options for the oscillators , such as feedback (normal or inter-osc), symmetry , rectification, limit boosting, sub-osc.
  • 4 unison oscillators, each can be detuned to created richer sounds, chords etc.
  • Works in poly,mono and legato modes with 2 portamento modes.
  • 16 slot modulation matrix, all the controls are modulatable with envelopes, lfos , step sequences, midi cc, velocity, note etc.
  • 3 seven stage envelopes, 3 multi-wave LFO's and two 16 step sequences.
  • You can create your own user waves using 32 partial additive synthesis, hundreds of these waves are included with Rock and you can save your own to disk.
  • Six effects, delay/chorus, reverb, distortion+amp, compressor, 2 band EQ, low-fi . You can set the order these effects are applied and there is FX feedback so the output of the effect is feed back into the fx path.
  • Gui is totally skinable, comes with two skins.
  • 128 presets built in.
  • Full Manual.


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