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News Archive for October 2003

31st October 2003crusherX-Live updated to v3.2.1

31st October 2003IK Multimedia SampleTank2 now shipping

31st October 2003Plugsound modules for OS X released

31st October 2003rgc:audio sfz v1.0 and sfz+ beta released

30th October 2003AudioRealism Bass Line now shipping

29th October 2003discoDSP Vertigo v1.5 released

29th October 2003ConcreteFX Granite v2.4 released

28th October 2003ProSounds launched

28th October 2003Steinberg Cubase v2.0.1.10 & Nuendo released

28th October 2003Manyetas Ritmo updated to v1.1.1

27th October 2003Emagic Logic v6.3.1 (Gold/Audio) released

27th October 2003Chip32 v0.0.8 released

27th October 2003Renoise updated to v1.2.8.1

27th October 2003MOTU Digital Performer updated to v4.1.1

24th October 2003DASH Signature EVE demo/test version released

24th October 2003Chip32 v0.0.7 & VOPM beta released

24th October 2003Steinberg HALion updated to v2.0.2.1 & Hypersonic shipping

23rd October 2003AudioMulch v0.9 beta 14 released

23rd October 2003Synapse Hydra v1.2 released

23rd October 2003Arturia CS-80V demo released

22nd October 2003Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio v3.0

22nd October 2003Manyetas Ritmo v1.1 released

22nd October 2003VOID Modular System updated to v1.0.2

22nd October 2003DASH Signature EVE Pre-Release info

22nd October 2003K-v-R Members Survey Winner

20th October 2003VLP120 & PLP120 released

20th October 2003MHC announces support for Mac OS X and AudioUnits

19th October 2003u-he Zebra Public Beta released

17th October 2003Steinberg Hypersonic announced

17th October 2003SAWStudio v3.4 released

17th October 2003DashSignature EMM Knagalis updated to v1.2.8

17th October 2003Renoise updated to v1.2.8

16th October 2003Steinberg Xphraze v1.1 released

16th October 2003Big Tick Rhino updated to v1.0.9

15th October 2003MHC Fatsondo updated to v1.5

15th October 2003Sonic Charge MicroTonic beta testers required

14th October 2003Steinberg Cubase SX v2.0.1 and Nuendo v2.1 released

14th October 2003Emagic Logic Platinum v6.3.1 for OS9 released

14th October 2003AudioRealism Bass Line announced

13th October 2003MOTU announce MX4 @ AES

11th October 2003Arturia CS-80V unveiled @ AES

10th October 2003Native Instruments AES announcements

10th October 2003Muse Research unveils Receptor @ AES

10th October 2003VirSyn Cube updated to v1.0.2

9th October 2003Console v1.2 released

8th October 2003ConcreteFX Dicer updated to v1.4 and SynthPack2 released

8th October 2003Steinberg HALion updated to v2.0.2

7th October 2003AAS Tassman & Lounge Lizard AUs released

7th October 2003ExsManager OSX released

6th October 2003Cakewalk Sonar 3 now shipping

6th October 2003Expert Sleepers Crossfade Loop Synth updated to v1.1

6th October 2003Yellow Tools Culture updated to v1.2

4th October 2003GForce/Code Audio BeatBurner demo released

3rd October 2003K-v-R - The Next Chapter (We've been acquired!)

1st October 2003Bioroid Creakbox v1.0 demo released

1st October 2003Emagic Logic Platinum v6.3.1 released (OS X)

1st October 2003energyXT updated to v1.22

1st October 2003Tobybear Helios v2.1 & Delphi VST template v3.0 released