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DASH Signature EVE Pre-Release info


EVE (Electronic Vintage Ensemble) is a Windows VSTi sample player featuring a new multi-timbral/multi-layer concept designed to create amazing ensembles with vintage keyboard samples.

- Screenshot

EVE comes with a complete library of multi-sampled keyboards such as electric pianos, organs and rare string machines. But the real power is reached by EVE's ultra fast engine (based on pure SSE Assembler instructions) which allows you to play smoothly and simultaneously 3 multi-sampled sections with 9 LFOs, 3 envelopes, and 3 filters running. And that's not all: vintage effects and a mixer are on board too.


  • 3 wave player sections. Each one with:
    • ADSR envelope.
    • Velocity sens.
    • Double KeyTrack scaling.
    • LP filter.
    • 3 band EQ.
    • Pitch, Amp and Pan LFOs.
    • Pitch envelope enable.
    • Semitone transpose.
    • Fine pitch.
    • Send to FX 1, send to FX 2.
    • Volume.
    • Mute switch.
    • VU meter.
    • Velocity Zone: min and max.
    • Key Zone : high and low.
    • MIDI channel.
  • 3 modes for each LFO : Free, Sync, Inv.
  • Master controls: glide, mono mode, LFO masters, fine tuning, Velocity sens.
  • 2 Effects: Echo (true stereo vintage tape delay emulation), Modulator (Leslie, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser).
  • MIDI Learn: More than 100 parameters remotely controllable by Midi Control Changes.

EVE Downloadable is scheduled for final release in December 2003 and will cost $159 (US) but you can pre-order now for $79! The Downloadable version will come with 128 presets that cover a wide array of sounds (extra banks will also be released). The PRO version will be released with a higher price tag and a larger library of sounds.

You will also be able to purchase new SoundSets for EVE provided by Back In Time Records and DASH Signature.

NOTE: EVE requires an SSE capable processor, such as AMD Athlon/Duron (>1GHz), Intel Pentium 3/4.



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