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News Archive for December 2002

24th December 2002BitHeadz Unity Session v3.06 released

24th December 2002rgcAudio z3ta+ v1.02 released

22nd December 2002Competition: Win Cubase SX Complete [Book]

22nd December 2002Native Instruments Xmas presents

22nd December 2002Causal Agency Additive Synth released

21st December 2002DSound/IK RT Player Lite for SampleTank released

21st December 2002IK/Sonic Reality launch new SampleTank LE sound modules: Bass Collection & Acoustic Drum

21st December 2002MusicLab SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer v1.5 with DR008 support released

21st December 2002Sagan Technology Metro v6.0 released

21st December 2002MAGIX Samplitude Professional v7.0 released

21st December 2002Steinberg Virtual Guitarist Mac OS X Installer available

21st December 2002Dash Synthesis daAlfa2k v1.52 released

21st December 2002rgc:audio z3ta+ v1.01 released

19th December 2002Bitheadz announce future support for Audio Units

19th December 2002SpinAudio Christmas Offers announced

18th December 2002Big Tick Rhino v0.9 public beta released

17th December 2002BuzzXP free XS-1 instruments

17th December 2002DashSynthesis release ComboSister VSTi

17th December 2002AirySynth v1.3 released

17th December 2002Sonic Foundry ACID Pro v4.0b build 317 released

17th December 2002Synapse Synth Pack for MacOS & OS X released

17th December 2002Renoise v1.2 released

16th December 2002Tobybear/Smart Electron:x VowelSynth released

15th December 2002Iblit v0.15 released

14th December 2002Psycle v1.7RC1 released

14th December 2002New banks uploaded for Absynth, Atom, ePiano, Kontakt, mdaPiano, SC101, Synth1 & Tritium

13th December 2002DashSynthesis daAlfa2k v1.48e released

13th December 2002Steinberg Cubase SX/SL v1.051 released [OS X]

13th December 2002Outsim Synthmaker v0.71 released

12th December 2002DashSynthesis daAlfa2k v1.48 released

11th December 2002Crossfade Loop Synth v0.1b released

11th December 2002GMedia/Ohm Force Oddity released

10th December 2002Outsim Synthmaker v0.7 released

9th December 2002Iblit & ErsDrums Windows VSTis released

9th December 2002Bitshift Audio announces release of pHATfactory | 001

9th December 2002VSampler Back In Time Edition released

9th December 2002Steinberg HALion String Edition Vol. 1 now shipping

9th December 2002Steinberg Cubase SX/SL v1.051 released

9th December 2002GMedia M-Tron v4.1 released

9th December 2002VSampler 3 beta 3 released

9th December 2002Antares Kantos v1.0 VST/DX for Windows released

9th December 2002Ganymed & Vivaldi updated

6th December 2002New banks for Absynth and Lounge Lizard uploaded

5th December 2002Plugsound 2 - Fretted Instruments now shipping

5th December 2002Outsim SynthMaker v0.62 released

5th December 2002Steinberg D'cota: VST Multiple Synthesis Instrument announced

4th December 2002Steinberg V-Stack downloadable version now available

4th December 2002Big Tick Angelina v1.2 released

3rd December 2002Console v1.05 released

3rd December 2002Synapse Orion PRO v3.7 released

3rd December 2002Rob Papen/LinPlug Albino v1.0 released

3rd December 2002Plugsound 1 - Keyboards Collection released

3rd December 2002SynthTest v1.2 released

1st December 2002SpeedSoft VSampler v2.75 released