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News Archive for December 2006

27th December 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.55a

27th December 2006VSamp updated to v3.7.1

27th December 2006KarmaFX - Synth Modular updated to v0.96

27th December 2006Zynewave updates Podium to v1.76

22nd December 2006Ueberschall updates Elastik Instruments Series to v1.5.0.4

22nd December 2006ODO releases LiveTweaker, DrSid and MYFX AFM

22nd December 2006Primo Media releases voxReducer v1.2

22nd December 2006Image Line announces PoiZone

22nd December 2006SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot v2.40, WaveRobot v1.0 & launches 10%-Off Deal

22nd December 2006VertexDSP releases FaderWorks for Windows

22nd December 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.54 and Mac OS X preview version

22nd December 2006Merging Technologies releases Pyramix v5.1

22nd December 2006Synapse announces Holiday Specials

22nd December 2006Nomad Factory updates various plug-ins

22nd December 2006Ableton releases Live v6.0.3

22nd December 2006Toontrack updates EZdrummer to v1.0.4 (incl. Universal Binary)

22nd December 2006Renoise v1.8 Release Candidate 1 Now Available (incl. demo)

22nd December 2006Puremagnetik releases String Machines for Kontakt, EXS & Sampler (Live)

22nd December 2006AIXcoustic Creations releases Electri-Q v1.6

22nd December 2006Michael Kingston Productions releases RetroBand (+Lite) v1.5.1 (incl. OSX Universal Binary)

22nd December 2006Elevayta releases Elevayta Productivity Tools v2.0

21st December 2006djDecks v0.78 released

21st December 2006Arturia releases Moog Modular V v2.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

21st December 2006Vember Audio releases Surge v1.5.0 Beta 1 for registered users

21st December 2006GoldWave updated to v5.18

21st December 2006David Ross releases HollyQ

21st December 2006NUSofting releases Acidome v1.0

21st December 2006Voxengo launches Winter Holiday Discounts promotion

21st December 2006Native Instruments releases B4 II v2.0.3 (incl. Universal Binary)

21st December 2006XO Audio releases XO Wave v0.19.1 beta

20th December 2006Ultimate Sound Bank releases Retro Keyboards

20th December 2006Sion Software releases QuickScore Elite Level II v12.0

20th December 2006Synful Orchestra updated to v2.3.2 (Mac; incl. Universal Binary) / v2.3.1 (Windows)

20th December 2006Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor to v1.18

20th December 2006XLN Audio releases Addictive Drums

20th December 2006Alien Connections releases ReValver Mk II for Windows

20th December 2006discoDSP releases Vertigo v2.6

19th December 2006VSL releases Bösendorfer Imperial and Vienna Konzerthaus Organ

19th December 2006SONiVOX releases Muse

19th December 2006Sonic Studio releases soundBlade v1.1

19th December 2006EWQLSO Pro XP (Silver, Gold & Platinum) Now Available on Receptor

19th December 2006SoundHack releases Spectral Shapers v1.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

19th December 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.53

19th December 2006Psychic Modulation releases Cerebrum v3.0

19th December 2006HairerSoft releases Amadeus Pro v0.9.9 beta

19th December 2006d16 Group Drumazon v0.9.7 Pre-release Demo Now Available for Windows

19th December 2006Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.0.3

18th December 2006Vir2 Instruments releases Acoustic Legends HD

18th December 2006Manytone Music releases ManyOne

18th December 2006Safwan Matni releases Kamanjat

18th December 2006Image Line releases Toxic III v1.4

18th December 2006Soniccouture announces Christmas Sale (30% off all Downloads)

18th December 2006TriTone Digital updates ColorTone-Pro, HydraTone & ValveTone '62 (incl. Universal Binaries)

18th December 2006Precisionsound releases Dream Whistles for HALion and Kontakt

18th December 2006Expert Sleepers releases Meringue v2.0

18th December 2006PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2007 build 227

18th December 2006Zynewave updates Podium to v1.75

16th December 2006Biolabs Absynth Sounds now available in Kore Format (+Sale Extended)

16th December 2006IK Multimedia releases Miroslav Philharmonik v1.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

15th December 2006Alien Connections announces ReValver Mk II (RC available for Windows)

15th December 2006Galbanum releases Architecture Waveforms (NI, MS and Universal)

15th December 2006Native Instruments releases Akoustik Piano 1.1.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

15th December 2006Computer Music announces Dominator

15th December 2006Wavosaur updated to beta v1.0.0.6000

15th December 2006Westgate Studios releases Flutes Module for Kontakt & GigaStudio

15th December 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.50

15th December 2006Audiofile Engineering releases Wave Editor v1.2.9

14th December 2006Sounds Online and Muse Research announce Receptor+Software Bundles

14th December 2006discoDSP releases Vertigo v2.5

14th December 2006Safwan Matni releases Takim (Middle Eastern Drum Module)

13th December 2006Starplugs releases VU2 v1.0

13th December 2006H. G. Fortune releases STS-26

13th December 2006Sagan Technology Metro pre-release v6.3.8 now available

12th December 2006Algoriddim releases Djay v1.2

12th December 2006XO Audio releases XO Wave v0.19.0

12th December 2006Soundbytes releases HurdyGurdy v1.0 (LE v1.0.1)

12th December 2006VirSyn releases CANTOR 2 demo version

12th December 2006Forever For Now updates Diatonic Shifter to v1.1

12th December 2006SSL releases Duende v1.5 for Windows and Intel-Mac

12th December 2006Native Instruments releases Guitar Rig 2 Software Edition

12th December 2006IK Multimedia launches 10th Anniversary Promotion

12th December 2006PolyValens releases VL1 (Casio VL-TONE emulator)

12th December 2006b.serrano releases Artemis v1.0

12th December 2006Sony releases Vegas v7.0c

12th December 2006Geniesoft releases Overture v4.0.2 patch 14

12th December 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.49

11th December 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Widening Meter Pro (+ Two Bundles)

11th December 2006Tascam updates GigaStudio to v3.21

11th December 2006RML Labs releases SAWStudio v4.0b (SAWStudioBasic v1.5b)

11th December 2006Sony updates ACID Pro to v6.0d

11th December 2006Precisionsound releases Persian Santur for HALion, Kontakt & SF2

11th December 2006Pro-Sounds releases Sound Sensations Vol. 1 for Vanguard

11th December 2006Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.1

11th December 2006Expert Sleepers releases Meringue v2.0 beta 2

11th December 2006CableGuys releases Curve v0.5 beta

7th December 2006JmSoftware releases One Man Band v10.0

7th December 2006XLN Audio unveils Addictive Drums

7th December 2006Cakewalk announces Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza

7th December 2006Wusikstation updated to v3.0.9e

7th December 2006Ueberschall releases Dancehall Madness and Electro ID

7th December 2006UltimateSoundBank updates Universal UVI Player to v1.0.2

6th December 2006Big Tick launches Christmas Discount (on Rhino & soundsets)

6th December 2006Puremagnetik releases JUICE! for FM8 and Operator

6th December 2006Soniccouture release KIM for EXS24

6th December 2006LinPlug releases Organ 3 Drawbar Organ (formerly daOrgan)

6th December 2006LennarDigital updates Sylenth1 to v1.11 and launches Group Buy

6th December 2006LinPlug updates Octopus to v1.2.2 (Mac)

6th December 2006Waldorf Edition updated to v1.2.4

6th December 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.5

5th December 2006NuGen Audio updates Visualizer to 1.1

5th December 2006Stradivari Solo Violin Universal Binary released & Holiday Group Buy for Garritan Libraries Launched

5th December 2006Camel Audio releases Cameleon 5000 v1.7

5th December 2006PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2007 build 226

5th December 2006AraldFX releases Grand Electrix v1.1

4th December 2006Wavosaur updated to v1.0.0.4801

4th December 2006reFX releases Nexus v1.0

4th December 2006Celemony releases Melodyne plugin

4th December 2006VirSyn releases CANTOR 2 (incl. Universal Binary)

4th December 2006AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab release Enceladus v1.0

4th December 2006Expert Sleepers releases Meringue v2.0 beta 1 (incl. Universal Binary)

4th December 2006Starplugs releases MegaMatrix v1.0

4th December 2006kl. releases Soundberg v1.0

4th December 2006VertexDSP announces FaderWorks

4th December 2006Sample Logic A.I.R. now Universal Binary

4th December 2006AMG releases Infinite Groove, updates KAB to v1.0.5 and ONE to v1.0.3

4th December 2006Cockos updates REAPER to v1.47

4th December 2006IK Multimedia releases Ampeg SVX v1.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

4th December 2006Zynewave updates Podium to v1.74

1st December 2006KV331 Audio updates Synthmaster FREE! to v1.0.1.45

1st December 2006d16 group updates Phoscyon to v1.5.6

1st December 2006WWAYM releases NWEQDJ v1.0 for Windows

1st December 2006Forever For Now releases Diatonic Shifter v1.0

1st December 2006Scarbee releases Vintage Keyboard FX v1.2.3

1st December 2006Native Instruments releases Absynth 4 demo version

1st December 2006Blue Cat Audio updates ALL Plug-ins

1st December 2006Simple-Media releases Super Spook Keys