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Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.1


Outsim has updated SynthMaker to v1.0.1. Many important bug fixes and optimizations including a change to the way that triggered float and int types are incorporated into the stream code. This was causing some bad glitches with multiple notes playing close together during playback in a host. Performance should also be improved as a result.

Additions and fixes:

  • Fixed a problem that was causing stuttering and audio glitches in exported VSTs when playing many notes continuously for a prolonged period.
  • The Float, Int and String Array components now send a trigger through the Size output when the array size changes.
  • The Index Selector now sends a trigger through the Selected String output.
  • Illegal components can no longer be pasted into the top-level schematic.
  • On some occasions when a tooltip popup was closed it would cause the wrong background to be drawn in the module underneath.
  • The PPQ position was giving an incorrect, slightly offset value when the host sequencer was stopped.
  • Dragging link control points off the top or left sides of the schematic window was causing the control point to flip to the opposite edge.
  • Bookmarks for sub-modules were not being removed when the parent module was deleted.
  • Updated all the knob modules in the toolbox so that they send only one trigger per movement.
  • The Float version of the Pitch to Frequency component was not using the selected audio sample rate.
  • The Stream version of the Pitch to Frequency component was not updating the sample rate after loading.
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when using multiplexers to switch stream data when using two or more Poly to Monos (or Combiners).
  • Updated the code in the State Variable Filter module so that it doesn't alter the input cutoff frequency.
  • The software no longer closes when you cancel loading of a schematic when launching the application.
  • MIDI messages were not being received by exported VST effects in Cubase.
  • Text labels on property panels will now wrap correctly when the label is resized.
  • Fixed a problem with graphical glitches when sending MIDI cc data to an exported VST.
  • The Point Array Lines component no longer assumes that points are in increasing x-coordinate order.
  • Corrected a problem when autolinking using a Selector so that two links are created.
  • The Stream version of the Pitch to Frequency component was only running every 4 samples.
  • Fixed a problem in the String Array Get At component that was causing infinite loops in some situations.
  • The progress dialog was showing the (now unused) Cancel button when exporting to VST.


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