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2getheraudio releases 3 new oscillators for the KORG Multi-Engine synths Minilogue XD


2getheraudio has announced the immediate availability of 3 new oscillators for the KORG Prologue, Minilogue XD, and NTS-1 synthesizers. All three oscillators are available for download and installation into any Korg Multi-Engine capable hardware synthesizer.

The oscillators provide for completely new sounds including rich, thick sounding basses, leads and pads using only a single voice of polyphony.

The Wavesweep Oscillator gives you the power to reshape Korg's internal 90 wavetables. Put them together in any order and sweep through them with glorious control. If you like evolving timbres, wavesequencing, or pads that move, this one's for you.

The Tarabbia Oscillator is straight out of 2getheraudio's viral Cheeze Machine soft synths. This oscillator is all about getting big, bold classic analog synth sounds without using up polyphony. The algorithm combines several oscillators into one for super thick mono sounds or stacked chords.

The Supersaw Oscillator features seven carefully tuned sawtooths and two filters. Perfect for synth leads and basses, but throw a modulating filter on top and "any sound you can imagine is possible".

Jennifer Hruska, founder and CEO of 2getheraudio, says:

Our lead engineer built these oscillators to use himself in his live shows. They worked so well we convinced him to release them to our 2getheraudio customers. It's especially cool how they work in the super inexpensive NTS-1 synth just released by Korg.

The oscillators are sold under 2getheraudio's Pay-What-You-Want (min $10) business model where 10% can go to a charity of your choice.



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