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Ugritone releases TRVE Cab Impulse Response Loader


Ugritone has announced the release of TRVE Cab, an Impulse Response loader designed for Heavy Rock & Metal Guitarists of any caliber.

With TRVE Cab you can load up to 8 simultaneous IR files and shape the tone any way you wish. Multiple IRs will guarantee that the tone will not sound sterile or dry and you don't have to reach for the gain button to create more harmonics in your tone.

Instead of adjustable positioning of the mic, Ugritone captured the cabinet from the front, the back and above. Creating a sound similar to the one you hear when you plug into your amp in your room.

What about Phase issues? Well, the beauty of simulation is that laws of physics can be broken. What would normally result in a horrible, unfocused tone; will sound like a big, focused tone on TRVE Cab. See how many mics you can add up and let phase be your friend.

TRVE Cab comes in VST/AU/AAX format and can be used in both studio & live applications.


  • Load up to 8 IR's simultaneously via 8 separate slots.
  • Cabinet graphics to help identify the mics in use.
  • Low CPU use, low latency.
  • Volume, pan, HiPass, LoPass, phase-flip, solo & mute controls for every channel.
  • Load your own IR's.
  • Comes with a Ugritone Freebie IR Pack.

Guitar Cabs Simplified
Get straight to the point with TRVE Cab. 8 prefixed positions will guarantee that you won't get lost flicking through countless different mics or moving mics around that won't improve your tone at all. Whether you rely on a single mic right on the cone or want 8 mics on a guitar cabinet, the tone is with you right from the get go.


  • Center: The backbone of the modern heavy guitar tone. A single 57 about 2-3" from the cone has been a popular application in many rock/metal/hardcore & punk albums in the past 40 years. Classic choice.
  • Side: The side mic is a 57 pointing at the cone from a 55 degree angle. When combined with the "Center" position this creates a desired mix of crisp and dark tone, resulting in one massive tone. Has been a popular trick within hard rock engineers since the 1970's.
  • Edge: Edge of the speaker produces a darker, deeper tone. When blended with the Cone and Side it can filter out the harsh frequencies and can be used to add weight into the sound.
  • Rear: The beauty of open back guitar cabinets is that when you add a mic behind the cabinet about 4" from the speakers magnets, you'll get this bassy tone to really add some balls in your tone. Combine this position with any of the first 3 and you'll be deep in the 80's Crossover/Thrash Metal zone.
  • Far: SM58 about 12" from the grill produces a nice full sound with enough ambience to feel more live, but just about enough focus so you won't lose any of those tasty Mids and Highs. Let this one dominate or blend it in with the rest of the channels.
  • Room: Let's face it, guitar doesn't sound good in an anechoic chamber. Remove the speaker from the cabinet and see how loud the signal will be. Hint: Not very loud at all. With Room channel you can add some much needed ambience to make the guitar feel more live.
  • Tubesizzle: This is an odd one. Ever heard a cranked up tube head played in a room and the cab is in the other room? Yup, the tubes sizzle and we miked just that. This one could also be called "glass" or "shimmer". Add this on top of the other channels and you can hear those tubes sizzle away.

Promotion Offer:

Sale valid until March 31st 2020.



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