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8Dio release Soundpaint with free 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway expansion

8DIO Productions

8Dio has announced the release of Soundpaint, a free music instrument technology that "offers you the ability to play completely realistic musical instruments".

8Dio says:

The Soundpaint Engine renders all instruments dynamically in real-time, resulting in a truly realistic feel, playability, and behaviour compared to conventional sample technologies.

The technology has taken 8 years to develop, built from the ground up, including a new proprietary algorithmic audio format that allows for the rendering of instruments in real-time as well as dynamic morphing of velocity layers.

The Soundpaint engine is designed for fast and intuitive music making. Overall workflow is approximately 40% faster than competing technologies. Load-speeds are up to 10X faster with optimization for SSD drives.

The Soundpaint Engine is offered free of charge along with a deep sampled 1928 Vintage Grand Steinway piano library.

At launch, expansions including Juniper 6, Hybrid Emotions, 1975 Soul Guitar, G Brass, Orange 808, Beautiful Noises and Palindrome are also available for purchase via the Soundpaint Shop with more coming soon.

Download Soundpaint for free here.




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