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Blue Cat Audio updates Guitar Software

Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat Audio has released an update for most of its guitar software (4 plug-ins and an application), including native Apple Silicon support, and many improvements and fixes (details below).

This update includes new versions for:

The updates are free for existing customers and can be downloaded using the link received by email upon purchase. A special re-introduction offer is available for individual products or the Axe Pack guitar bundle until December 2nd, 2021. Extra discounts are available to existing customers and have been sent by email. Demo versions and videos can be found on www.bluecataudio.com.

What's New For All Software:

  • Single Installer on Mac (App and all plug-ins formats).
  • VST3: fixed random crash in Ableton Live 11 upon load.

What's New in Blue Cat's Axiom 1.61:

  • Fixed issue with amp volume knob and Destructor pedals in EZ mode not using the right parameter in some cases.
  • Fixed issues with Wah and Pitch Bender effects when using cheap MIDI controllers not updating values fast enough.
  • Fixed a crash when loading some VST3 plug-ins that define a bypass parameter beyond the last automatable parameter.
  • Fixed an issue with built-in Looper which saved audio loops only as mono.

What's New in Blue Cat's AcouFiend 1.1, Hot Tuna 1.1, and Re-Guitar 1.2:

  • Apple Silicon (M1 processor) support.
  • Dropped 32-bit support on Mac.
  • Now requires MacOS 10.9 and newer.
  • Arrow keys can now be used to navigate presets.
  • Added MIDI control support (MIDI CC messages) for Next and Previous Preset commands, with MIDI learn.
  • Improved MIDI & automation control settings with lock, reset and "save as global setting" capabilities.
  • Improved smooth plug-in bypass (faster and smoother transition).
  • Unicode support.
  • Windows: improved GUI loading performance.
  • Mac Audio Unit: fixed plug-in listing in some host applications (Plogue Bidule).
  • Mac: fixed GUI performance issues on native P3 displays and improved performance on other displays.
  • Mac: fixed mouse wheel that required large movements to change parameter values.
  • Mac: fixed mouse cursor flickering issues.
  • Mac: fixed Esc key not closing fine edit parameter dialog.

Introduction Pricing (Until December 2nd):

  • Blue Cat's AcouFiend: 67 USD/EUR (instead of 79).
  • Blue Cat's Axiom: 159 USD/EUR (instead of 199).
  • Blue Cat's Hot Tuna: 7 USD/EUR (instead of 9).
  • Blue Cat's Re-Guitar: 79 USD/EUR (instead of 99).
  • Blue Cat's Axe Pack: 269 USD/EUR (instead of 299).


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