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Aegean Music updates Amp Vision for VST Win to v1.1

Aegean Music

Aegean Music has updated the Amp Vision Windows VST effect plug-in to version 1.1.

Amp Vision is a VST plug-in for guitar processing providing amp modeling, cab sim, and effects in an easy to use package. With 28 amp models and 12 effects it has a lot of versatility from vintage to modern tones. Cab sims are included and more can be loaded using normal IR files. It features a customizable preset library, noise gate, oversampling, zero latency, and more.

Summary of changes in Version 1.1:

  • New effect pedals: Classic OD Pro overdrive and Meloizer phaser.
  • Many amps adjusted and improved.
  • Internal 64-bit processing.
  • Full stereo IR file support.
  • Linear and circular knob options and support for the host default setting.
  • New look.
  • Other minor changes.


Classic OD Pro is the TS style overdrive effect. It's a very fat rich overdrive while maintaining a midrange peak making it useful for many things at any level of gain.

Meloizer is a classic phaser effect. It can get the sound of 1 knob phasers easily with the mix at maximum and the width at about 75%. It can also get many other tones mimicking vibrato or rotary effects. It's not an over the top sci-fi sounding phaser, it's all about being subtle and enhancing your existing tone, and can be dialed down to even more transparent settings than many phasers, hence the Meloizer name.

Heavier amps were adjusted towards having more build up rather than more clipping. It's a subtle difference providing a more complex tone and less string noise. A lot of amp models had some unwanted tones at high settings and these have been fixed or improved. Most amps were changed at least a little for this release but Rhino, Cerberus, Boiler, etc. will be the changed the most, though it's not intended to be too noticeable. All these changes bring the amp models more in line with how real amps work.

Internal processing is now in 64-bit, a.k.a. double precision. Internal 64-bit processing means the plug-in uses the highest quality audio bit depth at all times. The benefit may be too small to hear but it ensures that if you send in 64-bit audio it stays 64-bit, and it accepts 32-bit too of course. There is a lot of confusion out there about "64-bit", so to make it clear, this does not mean the plug-in is a 64-bit file / binary.

Amp Vision had problems with stereo impulse response files, but that is now changed, it will tell you by saying mono or stereo in the impulse response section. Note that we have seen files with identical left and right channels, we recommend cropping those files to mono before using them, any stereo file will use extra processor resources compared to mono.

When opening impulse response files some special characters would prevent the file from opening, Asian characters for example. This is now fixed.

VST Hosts sometimes have an option to set knob mode and this now works with Amp Vision supporting linear and circular. You can ignore the host default setting too, there are buttons in Amp Vision's options. Note that to get host defaults to switch you often have to close, then open Amp Vision's window.

Next and Previous buttons were added for the set amp menu.

IMPORTANT: If you own Amp Vision you can get this update free, but we suggest you make a copy of amp-vision.dll and amp-vision-save.fxda first. This will ensure that you can fall back on that if you need to. To update simply download it the same way you did originally and replace the dll with the new one.

Price: $28.



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