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Andrew Macaulay Modules collections on sale in Cherry Audio's 2021 Holiday Bonanza sale

January 2, 2022
Andrew Macaulay

As part of the Cherry Audio's 2021 Holiday Bonanza sale, all Andrew Macaulay Modules collections and bundles have been reduced by between 10% and 20%.

Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle of all 64 of Andrew Macaulay's control and utility modules for Voltage Modular (worth $480) is now available for $39, with further discounts if you already own any other Andrew Macaulay Modules collections.

Individual Andrew Macaulay Modules collections - General Utility, Gate & Trigger, Envelope & LFO, Sequencing & Ratcheting and Switches & Mixers - are also reduced by up to 15%, with prices between $15.00 and $17.50 and further reductions if you have purchased other modules or collections from the range.

Andrew Macaulay Modules continues to evolve, with a major release planned for the coming months. All upgrades are free, and any new modules added to existing collections free to existing users of the collections.

Visit the Cherry Audio Store for more information, or the Andrew Macaulay's Modules website for information on the modules as well as access to the help pages for the modules. Fully functional 10-day trials are also available for all the Collections from the Store.

Note that Andrew Macaulay Modules are designed to work in Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular and requires Voltage Modular (including free editions) to be installed and licenced to allow the modules to be downloaded and used.



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