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Bitwig Studio updated to v1.1.6


Bitwig Studio has been updated to v1.1.6.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1.6


  • Buttons not responding in activation popup dialogs.
  • Controller API: position observer of cursor device always reports -1.
  • On Linux and some keyboard layouts pressing certain modifiers (like Alt-Gr) could stop keyboard shortcuts from working.
  • Resetting frequency parameter of comb device resets to lower value than actually possible.
  • Devices with certain modulation routings broke the document graph, causing solo to stop working and output to crackle.
  • When extending end of raw audio event beyond the maximum length of the event, the successive event might be partially erased.
  • Crash when moving notes to different lane in folded note editor after moving launcher clip cursor.
  • When copying clips on arranger with automation follow sometimes there could be duplicate automation points on top of each other.
  • Solo, routings, sends and browser preview became slow in large projects.
  • Controller API: observers for parameters of nested devices don't fire after loading document.
  • Unwanted thinning of events when duplicating or copy-pasting automation regions.
  • Controller API: has-layers-observer always reports true for plugin devices.
  • Automation events imported from MIDI files have wrong value range.
  • Controller API: selection observers in cursor device layer don't fire.
  • Application could crash if opening a broken document that contained multiple drum chains for a single pad - now it shows error message instead.
  • Adjusting tempo on reversed audio in inspector makes waveform disappear.
  • Automation events imported from certain MIDI files contain lots of redundant events.
  • Controller API: delayed notification of note deletions.
  • Mouse-wheel was acting funky on EQ displays and drum machine.
  • Button (on/off) automation write affects the automated value outside of the recorded region when recording the first time.
  • VST parameters are not restored when assigning a preset to a nested chain.
  • Automation not updated correctly in arranger when drag-inserting points in clip content editor.
  • Changing track mute during session recording makes the track output remain silent even when not muted.
  • EDIT panel layout: automation lane in arranger note editor (clip content mode) shows the content of the clip launcher automation editor instead of arranger automation editor.
  • MIDI CC data not imported with MIDI clips.
  • Occasional crash when making time selections in the detail editor.
  • Potential hang of application when shutting down.
  • Prelisten in browser randomly plays loops at wrong speed.
  • Moving raw audio snippets can create gaps after the new event end.
  • OS X launcher requests to download JRE 1.6.
  • Not possible to show the clip launcher in the mixer panel in the dual monitor studio display profile.
  • Mixer panel could allow resizing to a smaller height that it should really allow.
  • Adding a raw audio clip from browser results in wrong length of the clip.


  • Controller API: it should be possible to call addDatagramPacketObserver from other observers to make IP address user configurable.
  • Controller API: add device bank for siblings of cursor device.
  • Allow the note receiver device to receive the note output of devices and not just tracks.
  • Increase the maximum number of files that can be dragged from the browser from 50 to 128.
  • Controller API: better support for navigating device slots.
  • Controller API: layers in DeviceLayerBank should be sorted by drum pad layout in case of drum machine.
  • Controller script for CME Xkey.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1.5


  • Presets for old chain devices return metadata for old chain device instead of the new one.
  • Controller API: direct parameter display values of certain VST plugins initially only get reported for a limited number of parameters.
  • Wrong start time of sliced sample when slicing using raw slice mode and beat marker slice points.
  • Polyphonic Bitwig devices was using more CPU than needed until they went to sleep the first time.
  • Tooltips do not hide sometimes when switching to different application.
  • Add modulation wheel improvements for Novation Impulse controller script from Thomas Helzle.
  • Selected file in the used files tab cannot be previewed.
  • Controller API: normalized direct parameter values are not reported correctly for chooser or button parameters.
  • Controller API: normalized-direct-parameter-observer is not called initially after loading VST plugins.
  • Controller API: crash when pointing primary device to sampler device.
  • Controller API: non-linear direct parameter display values are reported as linear values, but should consider the value domain instead.
  • Direct parameters are not listed after inserting VST plugin, only after switching tracks once.
  • Controller API: channel note input observer does not work for nested device chains.
  • Controller API: initial parameter display values are not send when setting the observed parameter IDs.


  • Add action to create scene from playing launcher clips.
  • New controller scripts for Nektar Technology products: LX49, 61 and 88, as well as for iX49 and iX61.
  • Add option to decide if devices should be saved inside a clip or not.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1.4:

  • Fixed: Regression: muting a device following an instrument were causing silence/crackling in 1.1.3.

Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1.3


  • Automatic quantization of recorded notes.


  • Rare engine crash when bouncing/exporting audio material.
  • Crash when ctrl-clicking time selection in the track automation detail editor while clip time selection is made in the arranger overview.
  • Application crashes if control scripts tries to set an unsupported automation write mode.
  • Crash if dragging files to a track and while those files are being loaded for insertion the track is deleted from the project.
  • VST plugins which sent MIDI events with invalid timestamps (Liquid Rhythm) could crash the engine.
  • Crash in controller API when deleting multiple tracks with backspace key.
  • Crash when using context menu on arranger loop region while cue markers are selected.
  • After opening Multisample Editor, opening and closing of collapsible tracks in mixer does not work any more.
  • Crash when loading 32-bit float WAV files on Linux on older CPUs which doesn't support SSSE3.
  • Controller API: crash when navigating cursor to next track while document is closing.
  • Controller API: potential crash after controller has been disconnected.
  • Rare crash when working with audio files.
  • Controller API: assignPolyphonicAftertouchToExpression function didn't work.
  • Hybrid track with sampler and a following Bitwig device does not play bounced-in-place audio when the track is not selected.


  • Updated scripts for Arturia Keylab controller family.
  • FX audio and instrument chain device should be one device that intelligently determines the preset type based on the devices inside it.
  • Attach plugin states to projects when saving so that the plugin-states directory in the project folder is not needed.


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