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Mix Analog adds Tierra Gravity Bus Compressor


Mix Analog, the audio processing platform with remote-control and real-time audio streaming, has added Tierra Gravity Bus Compressor to their selection of analog gear for mixing and mastering.

MixAnalog user Austin Summers said:

It's "extremely reminiscent" of the SSL Bus Compressor, which is well known in the audio industry, but this specific unit combines a modern, open sound signature with all of the best attributes of the original, which allow for a fresh, unique take on a classic.

Tierra Audio comment:

The Gravity VCA Buss Compressor is the first model in the new TAKE 2 range of TIERRA Audio. It has 100% analog electronics, and its versatility, precision, and dynamic control make it suitable for all kinds of situations, including mixing and mastering.

This revamped version of the Gravity VCA provides more punch and presence in stereo microphone sets. Its cleanliness and clarity go well beyond its imposing dynamic range (SNR) and its low harmonic distortion (THD).

These features make it a particularly suitable compressor for the MIX BUSS, excelling in bass treatment and the consolidation of voices within the mix. Gravity VCA's components are comprised of the highest quality manufacturing materials, such as WIMA, Nichicon, KEMET, and Panasonic. Each device contains original Carnhill and Triad Magnetics transformers and a custom-made SIFAM high-speed VU meter. The input and output connectors are Neutrik 's gold-plated.

To use the Tierra Gravity, log in at mixanalog.com and reserve a session for your desired time slot. When your time starts, you will get full remote access to the Tierra Gravity through a plugin-like web interface. Any changes are instantly applied, and the processed audio is streamed back in lossless quality. When happy with the settings, bounce the track and download the results.

The Tierra Gravity is free to use until 15th May, limited to 30 minutes per user per day. After that, the price will be 90 MAT which converts roughly to $3, depending on the purchased amount.



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