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Bitsonic releases "Custom Reverb" - Free Plug-in for Windows


Bitsonic has released Custom Reverb, a free VST Plug-in for Windows.

Custom Reverb was created in an effort to make the sound as close to real life as possible. Users can choose from a number of different options.


  • Original: Changes the volume of the original sign.
  • Reflection: Changes the volume of the early reflection. This function is especially useful if it's used to higher the sense of space.
  • Reverb: Changes the volume of the traditional reverb.
  • Decay: This function changes the reverb's decay and fade time.
  • Low cut: This filter cuts the deep range's volume to fit the user's wishes. It's recommended to use this function in most cases.
  • High cut: This filter cuts the high range's volume. It's not necessary to use it most of the time, but it's recommended with longer decay values.
  • Width: Reverb can be changed into both stereo and mono.
  • Delay: This function delays the reverb compared to the original sign. If reflection delay function is on then the early reflection is delayed as well.
  • Gate button: When on, the reverb fades based on the gate's settings. Useful for creating the pumping sound of drums.
  • Threshold: Belongs to the agate function. In dB this value starts the gate function.
  • Attack: A value in milliseconds, it sets when the gate is supposed to lower the volume.
  • Release: Sets the the gate's lowering time.
  • HS Filter: When it's on, the reverb's high range can be raised or lowered on the graphic interface.
  • If the content on the graphic interface starts to flicker, the volume is too high. It's recommended to lower it.

Price: Free.



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