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Bitwig Studio updated to v1.3.8


Bitwig Studio has been updated to v1.3.8.

Improved in Bitwig Studio 1.3.8:

  • Don't have separate browser, inspector, mapping browser for each mode (PLAY, EDIT, ARR, MIX) in the tablet profile. Instead just one for all of the modes.
  • Support Jack input and output latency compensation.
  • Show path to selected file in popup browser and make it clickable to select a parent folder.
  • Rescan plugin option not available for shelled plugins and only shown in presets browser not in device browser.
  • Made touch-tap recognition more reliable on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 and other devices with very high pixel-density.
  • Improved algorithm used for delay-compensation including fixes for modulation routing and complex side-chaining.
  • Touch: The radial gestures menu for devices in the device chain is now only available from the device header, as it was too easy to move/copy devices by accident.
  • ROLI Searbord RISE: Added MPE pitch bend range control in script preferences and send the range on the right channel.

Fixed in Bitwig Studio 1.3.8:

  • Crash when trying to select parent device via controller API.
  • Automation recording would be turned on by punch in or end of pre-roll if "Write Automation on Record" setting was on in preferences but this should only apply when the user manually turns on the record button.
  • Controller API: selecting layers in device layer bank does not work correctly.
  • Controller API: allow to launch either group track scenes or the clips of the group's master track via clip launcher interface.
  • Controller API: observer for clip launcher slot selected state does not report correct value when pointing cursor track to another track.
  • When clicking + button in a drum pad and selecting the same device as the last one inserted in the drum machine the device would not be inserted in the pad.
  • Favouriting an item in the browser column scrolls back to the selected item in the list.
  • Pinning device for a selected preset in popup browser would not allow unpin if the plugin no longer existed.
  • Hardware FX does not report latency to PDC.
  • A duplicated audio track reverts to the first hardware input if the source track had another hardware input selected.
  • Crash when duplicating additive tempo modulation points inside a clip on the clip launcher.
  • Potential crash when deleting time in arranger.
  • Controller API: siblings track bank sometimes not scrolls to the correct section when selecting tracks.
  • Crash due to being able to create a feedback loop by moving tracks between track groups that would cause more than one feedback loop.
  • Using forward slashes ("/") in track names leads to the creation of subdirectories when exporting audio.
  • Sensitive area for dragging start/end of events is too small on hi-res displays.
  • Controller API: devices on group tracks are not accessible using cursor device.
  • Controller API: macros of devices in FX slots cannot be accessed when slot is closed in the GUI.
  • Dragging automation time selection for clip modulation resulted in wrong preview and wrong data inserted on drop.
  • If you get an error saving a project when closing it the project should not be closed.
  • Controller API: cursorTrack.addCanSelectNextObserver reports the same value as addCanSelectPreviousObserver.
  • Controller API: crash when selecting parent device using Push4Bitwig script.
  • Triplet notes were getting truncated during playback when shuffle is on.
  • When opening a project containing a VST the preset name always says "Default Preset" instead of the last selected preset the VST had when saved.
  • Regression: License registration window for u-he plugin is broken.
  • Overdubbing of launcher clips is broken.
  • Controller API: crash when calling selectFirstInSlot on named device cursor.
  • Pitchbend does not get converted to note expressions any more.
  • Controller API: crash when trying to access MIDI port with invalid index.
  • ASIO: Crash with a buffer-size of 2048 samples when using a Steinberg audio interface.
  • Clicking on clip launcher scene clears the note editor content in tablet mode.
  • Stop button on group track in clip launcher is not lit, so looks like you can't press on it.
  • If you bounce a note clip that is recorded with preroll all bounces contain one bar of silence at the beginning of the bounced audio file.
  • Recording with punch in and pre-roll causes clips to be recorded on the arranger with negative time.
  • Audio engine always crashes if user selects weird buffer sizes on ALSA.
  • Pasting of clip modulation inserts wrong data.
  • Controller API: crash when diving into FX layers using Push4Bitwig script.
  • Note length changes when single-clicking inspector note length field for a multi-selection.
  • Eraser tool affects all layers in layered audio editor instead of just the target layer.
  • Using punch out results in instrument track recording stopping slightly before the loop end.
  • Controller API: cursor device does not work on tracks that have been created by a track bank.
  • When dropping raw audio events into a clip the successive audio event sometimes gets deleted.
  • Potential engine crash on OS X when scanning core audio hardware devices.
  • Audio Engine crash when reading from disk failed.
  • Controller API: potential crash in siblings track bank (Push4Bitwig script).
  • Control Surface Scripting API does not open any more from help menu in 1.3.6 on windows.
  • Audio on Windows creates pops, crackles and slurring in 1.3.6 but worked in 1.3.5.
  • Regression: Notes are sometimes getting played twice (note from start of loop creeps in at end) when a clip is looping .


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