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BlueLab | Audio Plugins updates several plug-ins with new features and improvements

BlueLab | Audio Plugins

BlueLab | Audio Plugins has updated StereoWidth, Denoiser, Wav3s and Ghost Viewer.

StereoWidth update:

  • The plug-in now has 5 different display modes (polar samples, Lissajous...).
  • New bass focus parameter, to increase the stereo widening while keeping the low frequencies in mono.
  • New pan, out gain, and mono output parameters.
  • New correlation meter, to check mono compatibility when increasing the stereo width.

Denoiser update:

  • New option: SOFT DENOISE. This option automatically removes the residual noise ("musical noise"), with a better sound quality.
  • Manual residual noise removal improvement.
  • Stability improvement.

Wav3s update:

  • New button for choosing the color of the display (green, blue, purple...).
  • Minor GUI improvements.

Ghost Viewer update:

  • New button for portrait aspect ratio.
  • New button to choose the spectrogram scrolling speed.

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