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Cableguys release NoiseShaper - Dynamic Noise Designer for ShaperBox 2.4 (+ M1 support)


Cableguys have released NoiseShaper, a dynamic noise designer effect for their updated ShaperBox 2.4 effects plugin (ShaperBox v2.4 now natively compatible with M1 Macs).

NoiseShaper gives producers the secret sauce for lo-fi beats and enhanced mixes: noise.

The latest ShaperBox effect puts vibe, energy and character right at the heart of your productions. Explore an expansive library of production-ready noise sources by top-tier sound designers BT, Cyclick and InsideInfo, then layer them onto any sound in just one click. With built-in dynamic control, NoiseShaper reacts to your music, for noise that breathes with every beat.

Imagine trap melodies crackling like vintage vinyl. EDM synths that fill the speakers with high-end electricity. Drums sizzling with classic console hiss. Pianos submerged in bubbling water. Cassette tape house grooves. Retro equipment hum, broken digital textures, organic field recordings... NoiseShaper does all this and so much more.


Audio demos: YouTube.com/watch?v=GqZmkk3FVbo

NoiseShaper top features:

  • Expansive noise library: Explore a deep world of noise with a production-ready library crafted by BT, Cyclick and InsideInfo. Get classic synth noise, vinyl crackles, tape hiss, broken textures, organic recordings, and more.
  • Dynamic noise that's alive: Forget boring static noise with no dynamics – in NoiseShaper, the noise breathes with every beat. Follow mode adds rhythmically synced sizzle. Duck mode fills the gaps with lo-fi textures.
  • LFOs That You Design: With Cableguys' famous LFO drawing tools, it's easy to target specific mix elements – for instance, add noise to just the snare in a loop. You can even design your own rhythmic noise patterns.
  • Runs in ShaperBox 2: NoiseShaper runs inside Cableguys' acclaimed ShaperBox 2 effects plugin. Use it on its own, or combine with Drive, Time, Crush, Filter, Volume, Pan and Width Shapers. Save 69% and get all 8 Shapers with ShaperBox 2 Bundle.

See the full feature set at cableguys.com/noiseshaper


  • NoiseShaper:
    • Regular: €50 / $60.
    • Intro: €29 / $34.
  • ShaperBox 2 Bundle: €89 / $99 (contains NoiseShaper + 7 more Shapers, saves 69% compared to individual prices). Intro upgrade pricing available in your Cableguys account.

Try it out: download the NoiseShaper demo.



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