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Cableguys release "Builds & Risers" preset pack, update ShaperBox to v3.3.1, Kickstart to v2.0.3


Cableguys have released Builds & Risers, a preset expansion for ShaperBox, their rhythmic multieffects plugin, along with updates for ShaperBox and Nicky Romero Kickstart.

Builds & Risers contains 86 transition tools to enhance arrangements and drops. The presets are crafted by pro sound designers InsideInfo, Cyclick and Andi Vax, as well as Cableguys' own in-house team:

  • "Builds" are designed to be added to existing sounds in your track – or even to the master mix – transforming them into soaring build-ups and ear candy FX.
  • "Risers" can be loaded on their own track to generate tempo-synced whooshes, swelling noise textures and reverse cymbals, for instant tension building.

Cableguys say that a big advantage over static FX samples is that users can edit the curves of each preset, to tailor their flow to fit their music.

Builds & Risers is free if you buy ShaperBox 3 now. Existing ShaperBox owners can download the expansion for free by clicking the Sync button in the new version of the plugin.


Changes in ShaperBox 3.3.1:

  • Improved: Reduced CPU usage for General and Complex Audio Trigger algorithms.
  • Improved: Loaded presets are selected in the Browser when a project is reopened.
  • Improved: Better visual feedback for the Pan/Haas slider in PanShaper.
  • Improved: When a 1-shot LFO finishes playing, the oscilloscope's waveform remains on screen until the LFO is triggered again, unless the Envelope Follower is also active.
  • Improved: Triplet grid is now a single menu option. Main beats/bars are always highlighted for Straight timings. Dotted timings always highlight the three main subdivisions, and true musical triplets are now possible in these timings.
  • Fixed: MIDI/Audio Triggering could cause unnecessary popping sounds in certain cases.
  • Fixed: The angle of the background diagonal line in TimeShaper did not always reflect Time Range.
  • Fixed: In Logic Pro X on Apple Silicon, a rose-colored border appeared around menus.
  • Fixed: In Logic Pro X on Apple Silicon, moving a point or Pen on the border of the LFO Wave Editor did not behave smoothly.
  • Fixed: When loading a song with a preset the user had edited, the asterisk indicating preset modification was missing.
  • Fixed: In NoiseShaper's noise Type menu, User folders containing a period character were truncated before the final period.
  • Fixed: After loading a preset, the "No MIDI triggers detected" message would not be shown unless MIDI triggering was turned off and on again.

Changes in Kickstart 2.0.3:

  • Fixed: In the VST 3 version, the MIDI trigger note choice was ignored when loading a project, causing all MIDI notes to trigger the sidechain curve.

ShaperBox 3.3.1 and Kickstart 2.0.3 are free updates for all existing users. Log in to download at www.cableguys.com


The full ShaperBox 3 Bundle containing all 9 Shaper effects (worth €301 / $301 separately) is €99 / $99.

Nicky Romero Kickstart 2 is available for €14 / $16 via the Kickstart website.



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