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Camel Audio announce 20% Xmas Discount (+Free soundbanks)

Camel Audio

Camel Audio has announced the immediate availability of a 20% discount on CamelSpace, CamelPhat and Cameleon 5000 until Christmas day, plus a commitment to giving at least one per cent of their sales to environmental charities. To take advantage of the 20% discount offer, simply enter ALL-CHR05 as your coupon code on the second page of the order process.

Camel Audio has also released several new soundbanks for registered users.

The four Cameleon banks (with a total of 217 presets) show off the new features available in version 1.6. Vital Sines by Paul Nauert is a collection of animated pads, pulsing rhythmic patterns, and dynamic leads and keyboards. GBank from Biomechanoid is a journey through the wilder side of Cameleon, whilst Stephen Wey has cooked up two banks - Industrial, and Metamorphosis which explore the possibilities of creating hybrid timbres from acoustic instruments. Registered users of Cameleon, CamelSpace, CamelPhat and Biolabs will receive download details via email.

There are two new banks (128 presets) for CamelSpace and a new bank (64 presets) for CamelPhat, each of which aims to explore new areas, including more subtle settings as well as some sonic mangling. These, together with the GBank for Cameleon are the bonus 'group buy' banks.

Owners of Biolabs Absynth sounds need not feel left out. TC Absynth Research is a collection of 43 presets which marry Tim Conrardy's gift for creating spacey pads, leads and atmospheres with Biomechanoids unique sound library. Biomechanoid provides an insight into the more extreme side to Absynth with Extremities (32 presets). These two new banks are exclusively available to registered users of the Biolabs bundle. However, you can download 16 of TC's patches for free from the Camel Audio website.



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