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Channel Robot release FireWalker - a VST, AU and Stand-alone Pad Synthesis System

Channel Robot

Channel Robot has released Firewalker, a four oscillator synth - three hybrid oscillators and one sub-oscillator.

Each of the three hybrid oscillators is set up to use one of over 300 sound sources custom designed to work as pad sounds. Each sound was built using CR's wave-table generating system.

The oscillators are intended for moving evolving, emotive pad sounds, and when you combine the oscillators you can get long-running pads out of single note playback.

The three hybrid oscillators pass through a volume envelope and the wave-shaping module from CR's wave-shaping synth Shapiro. The audio then passes through a multi-mode filter and on into a sequenced volume gate. The output of all four voices is then combined and passed through the effects section, then through their "Drift" analog-tuning emulation engine and into a legato system derived from their work on orchestral ROMplers.

Firewalker includes over 100 presets and a randomisation function to allow users to generate their own evolving pad sounds. FireWalker also includes CR's unique MIDI CC Management system and an Arpeggiator with all the classic arp controls.

Intro Price: £30.00 from Channel Robot / $38 from KVR Marketplace (Reg. £50 / $62).



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