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Channel Robot releases Empire Of Bass - Dual Voice ROMpler Plugin (VST3 & AU)

Channel Robot

Channel Robot has released Empire Of Bass, the first in a Performance Series of dual voice ROMPlers.

Empire of Bass is the first release in Channel Robot's Performance Series, a set of instruments designed to give users powerful and immediate access to a range of customisable high quality sounds along with ease-of-use that includes performance related features over and above the "normal" dual-rompler fare.

Empire Of Bass has 430 presets and 300 meticulously sampled bass instruments taken from CR's popular Folio Bass Kontakt instrument; acoustic basses, electric basses, synth basses and more. Combine any two sounds together to quickly get a one-off instrument just right for the track no matter the genre or target.

Each of the two independent voices includes:

  • Wave form display.
  • Volume and pitch controls.
  • Reverse mode.
  • Mono/Poly Switchable.
  • Glide controls.
  • A simple Attack and Release envelope.
  • Unison controls.
  • Multimode filter (8 different filters to choose from).
  • Multiple shaped LFO, assignable to Filter freq, Amplitude and Pitch.
  • FM processing.
  • 4 Send Levels.
  • Keyboard split.

Alongside the two main voices Empire of Bass includes a Sub-Voice, a Sine wave synth with switchable Octave, Volume and Attack and Release controls.

There are 4 Send Effect Slots each loadable with any of 8 effects:

  • Chorus.
  • Phaser.
  • Saturation.
  • Wave Shaper.
  • Compressor.
  • Delay.
  • Reverb.
  • Convolution – with 9 IRs to select from.

There are 4 Master Effect Slots, also loadable with the same effect types.

The two main voices can be mixed together in varying ratios, using the large central Cross-Mixer control. Movements of the Cross-Mixer control can be recorded and replayed in a loop, or retriggered for each new note, or even set to a controlled random position on each new note.

There are two independent Arps – one per voice – with the standard Arp controls and CR's all new Pattern Builder panel – that allows users to build new musical and useful Arp patterns quickly and easily.

All this wrapped up in a single page UI with performance and speed of access at its heart.

Intro Price: $42.50 (Reg. $52.50).

Empire Of Bass is available for Windows and macOS (M1 and Intel) in VST3 and AU formats. A downloadable demo, sound examples and interface walkthrough are available at: channelrobot.com



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