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NAMM 2019Cherry Audio updates Voltage Modular to v1.2

Cherry Audio

Cherry Audio releases Voltage Modular 1.2, a major upgrade to the Voltage Modular platform. There are a host of new features available that greatly increase the speed and workflow of Voltage Modular. These new features include:

  • Hardware acceleration for much faster drawing & scrolling. Turn on OpenGL support in settings, and Voltage Modular will use a computer's GPU for all of its painting, which can lead to faster scrolling and cable animations with compatible video cards. This feature improves performance on Retina Display Macs, and PCs with 4K monitors.
  • Plug-in hosting. Owners of Voltage Core get two new modules, Plug-In Host and Mini Plug-In Host. These modules can host most 64-bit VST2, VST3, and AudioUnit plug-ins. Both modules feature MIDI in and out, 4 audio inputs, 4 audio outputs, and adjustable latency from 32 to 1024 samples. In addition, up to 12 parameters of the hosted plug-in can be automated with CV. Your favorite plug-in effects and instruments can now become part of your Voltage Modular patches.
  • YouTube.com/watch?v=wf6g1eLk1uQ
  • Favorites icon and category. Mark your favorite modules as Favorites, and access them quickly in a dedicated Favorites panel in the library.
  • Module presets. Every module can now save and load its own individual presets. Right-click on any module in Voltage Modular to save the current settings as a preset, or to instantly load a preset. Select new Reset Controls feature to return a module to its default settings.

  • Right-click to add new modules. You no longer need to open the Library tab just to add a new module. Just right click on a cabinet and use the new Add Module menu to quickly access your entire module library.

  • "All But Current Jack" cable transparency mode. This new cable-transparency mode shows all cables transparently until you hover over any jack. Then, all cables connected to that jack become solid. This new mode is so useful and intuitive, we've made it the new default mode.

Price: Voltage Modular is on sale for $99 (List $200) through July 31. The update is free for Voltage Core users: Download Voltage Modular 1.2 by visiting your library at store.cherryaudio.com/my/library.

Purchase Voltage Modular / Download free trial demo of Voltage Modular.



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