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Cherry Audio
Sync Product Manager
Manage downloads, installations, updates, demos, and more for Cherry Audio virtual instruments, effects, and preset packs.

Cherry Audio Backstory
Cherry Audio launched in 2018 and was assembled from an innovative group of developers, synthesizer designers, sound programmers, and musicians to turn a dream into reality. Our first product, Voltage Modular, was initially conceived in 2004 with the development of an innovative new alias-free analog modelling oscillator design. Over the years, the project has evolved and expanded into a thriving virtual modular platform supported by an expansive community of Module Designers.

Since then, Cherry Audio has evolved to offer an extensive catalog of high-quality, award-winning virtual instruments and effects. Many emulate beloved classic synthesizers with expanded features, while others are our own highly acclaimed and inventive original designs.Our team diligently ensures that all of our products function intuitively, look amazing, and, most importantly, sound fantastic! If you love synthesizers, music production, and the art of sonic experimentation, Cherry Audio instruments will blow you away.

Cherry Audio was formed by a small group of industry veterans from the likes of Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk, Bias, Acoustica, and Keyboard Magazine. The team is made up of creative professionals who are passionate about synthesizers and all aspects of music production, and Cherry Audio products are built by developers with decades of experience creating audio and DSP software.

Products by Cherry Audio

Latest reviews of Cherry Audio products

Wurlybird 140B Electric Piano

Reviewed By bigearz [all]
July 22nd, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I have at least three other versions of the Wurlitzer piano from other manufacturers. Most of them suffer from a kind of "fuzziness" that I find to be inauthentic (I once owned the real deal). This one, however, has a clarity that I have been looking for. The pure Wurly is a great by itself, but the stomp boxes are well modeled and can bring out some great effects.

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Lowdown Bass Synthesizer

Reviewed By dagtastik [all]
May 14th, 2024
Version reviewed: Current on Mac

Huge Rush fan looking for THAT bass synth sound for a LONG time. Found it here. It's sounds convincing all the way down to the natural modulation you get from a Taurus. Easily created my Rush presets, but then discovered it's a pretty good lead synth, too.

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Mercury-6 Synthesizer

Reviewed By Stoffel11 [all]
May 4th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.4.0 on Mac

Superb simulation of the original device.

With install through the new App Cherry Audio Sync it runs stable on PC and Mac.

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Novachord + Solovox Synthesizers

Reviewed By mindbeet [all]
January 20th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

Sounds beautiful. But here is a new level of wasted space with angles as well, more wood than synth.

Promising but could have been expanded on a lot more. WYSIWYG, no hidden tweaks.

Only 32 voices unlike the originals 72 (like the keyboard, another reason to hide it)
No detailed control of the 6 channel vibrato, per voice filters or the voice springs.
Could have been so much fun to look under the hood of this classic.

Why stop at only 2 added reverbs, stick to the original or add everything like distortion, chorus, phasers etc.

And why two VSTi? Could have been a lot more uasble with a keyboard split or different MIDI channels.

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Octave Cat Synthesizer

Reviewed By mindbeet [all]
January 20th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Mac

The sound is distinctive and unique like the rest of the Cherry Audio Synths, fantastic but...

Why the big keyboard when there is also a Ctr+k QWERTY keyboard?
They have made big keybeds and wasted space before but at least the controls were on one page.
An option to hide empty panels, wood and keyboards would be very welcome on all synths.

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Synthesizer Expander Module

Reviewed By DiBase [all]
December 3rd, 2023
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I like some of the CA synths but not all. Given that this is free it's okay but I might suggest others instead. This sounds verry 80ish and pretty basic so don't expect too much. They have much better synths for a few pizzas, so you might want to check them out anyway. Voltage Modular and MG1 are some other free options as well.

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Synthesizer Expander Module

Reviewed By Faydit [all]
December 2nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

Simply awesome, rare gem.

100% Rolls Royce- oh sorry - Oberheim sounds, also the Phasor works and sounds fantastic and can even improve already excellent sounds.

Nice tool for creating a lot of iconic top-notch synthesizer sounds between Zawinul and Jestofunk, I would say.

Also interesting, how fantastic this real vintage gear even sounds today. I always had been a Taurus and Mini Moog fan, an OB-X fan anyway, but this one has something even more special, very simple controls, but absolutely awesome sounds. (Even more, if you do not use a keyboard, but a guitar to MIDI solution... This plugin gives me exactly the sounds, I always had been looking for with this setup.).

What did the rest do wrong since 1974, that they never came close?

Even better, that it's freeware.

You cannot go wrong with Cherry Audio. They do an excellent work and always are capable you with something even better.

If possible, I gave 10 stars.

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Pro Soloist Synthesizer

Reviewed By blatanville [all]
November 22nd, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Sounds lovely. Well done. And the presets are great.
there is so much interface space given over to the keyboard and the wooden ears, and even a view of the space around and behind the synth. I get that the idea is verisimilitude to the original device, as far as can be done while adding the extra features, but this insanely wide interface is a problem.
I can see, just at a quick glance, how the main panel controls could be divided into two rows, and the left-hand slider bank and octave switch could be placed below that, and it would be a more compact, screen-friendly design that would also allow for larger knobs and labels (always a complaint I see about Cherry Audio synths are the size and readability of knob/slider position).
Keep up the good work.

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