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Cherry Audio is a new company formed by a small group of industry veterans from Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk, Bias, Acoustica, and Keyboard Magazine. Voltage is backed by a real company, built by programmers with decades of experience creating audio and DSP software.


Voltage Modular was first conceived in 2004, with the development of an innovative new alias-free analog modelling oscillator design. Over the years, the project has evolved and expanded. Cherry Audio was launched in 2018 and assembled an innovative group of developers, synthesizer designers, sound programmers, and musicians to turn the dream into reality. Our team has worked diligently to ensure that Voltage Modular functions intuitively, looks amazing, and most importantly, sound fantastic. If you love synthesizers, synthesis, and the art of sonic experimentation, we believe you'll be blown away by Voltage Modular.

Watch a guided tour of Cherry Audio's Voltage Modular presented live by the developer himself:

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