Cluster Sound

Cluster Sound has released KB-800, a synth/drum/fx collection based on the vintage JVC KB-800, a sophisticated polyphonic preset-based synthesizer with PCM drums and auto-accompaniment, designed for Synth Pop, Italo Disco and Electro.

Here's what they say:

Released in the early 80's, the JVC KB-800 is an interesting mix of analog and digital circuitry. Based on a custom JVC tone generator chip, the KB-800 implements 24 synth presets created by mixing different waveforms (Sine, Saw, Pulse and Noise) shaped with several analog filter and envelope settings. The KB-800 features also 16 exquistely lo-fi PCM drums, a 512 stage BBD Chorus and a "Digital Effector" (including Delay – Echo – Flanger with "Long/Short" switch) that can be used to process external sources.

KB-800 Live Pack features 24 synth devices including a mono/stereo macro control with volume compensation for the stereo multi-samples and 16 drums accurately remastered to fit the modern standards but still maintaining the lovely lo-fi feel and the dynamic range of the original sounds. In addition to the synth & drum devices, the Pack includes also 4 Convolution Pro devices emulating the Delay and Echo combined with the Long & Short settings.


  • Size: 950 Megabytes.

  • 1380 WAV Samples (24-bits / 44.1 kHz).

  • 24 Synth Devices.

  • 16 Drum Devices.

  • 4 Convolution Pro Devices.

  • Host: Ableton Live 9.5 or higher.

Price: Free.



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