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Cluster Sound releases Room Simulator - Free Convolution Pack for Ableton Live

Cluster Sound

Cluster Sound has released Room Simulator, a Convolution Pack reproducing the built-in reverb effect of the Creamware TripleDAT, a rare mid-90s DAW based on dedicated DSP board and featuring real-time external FX processing.

Released in the mid '90s by the German manufactured Creamware, TripleDAT was a professional DSP system mainly used by radio stations, featuring a set of built-in effects working at 80-bit internal precision and 18-bit, 128x oversampling AD/DA converters.

Room Simulator Convolution Pack delivers 106 IR samples capturing custom virtual spaces coming from the built-in Room Simulator reverb effect: the IR samples are based on various reflection patterns, room sizes and livingness amounts and they are primarily designed to enrich synths and drums with deep, dark, metal-sounding spaces.


  • Size: 50 Megabytes.

  • 106 IR Samples (24-bits / 44.1 kHz).

  • 106 Convolution Reverb Devices.

  • 106 Convolution Reverb Racks.

  • 4 Convolution Reverb Pro Devices.

  • Host: Ableton Live 9.5 or higher.

  • Max for Live Required.

Price: Free.



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