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discoDSP updates Discovery synth, Schroeder reverb, and Scope visualizer for iOS


discoDSP has updated Discovery to v5.3, Schroeder to v1.7, and Scope for iOS to v1.2, with several bug fixes and improvements.

The Discovery 5.3 update has resolved a significant issue with the VST2 build that caused the plugin state to reset after saving a project. This means that producers can save their projects without worrying about losing their plugin settings.

Schroeder 1.7 received a significant update, fixing a bug in the stereo processing code. Previously, the left and right channels were not processed independently, resulting in every other sample being ignored. Additionally, a potential out-of-bounds read has been rectified when the buffer size is not a multiple of 2. The mix behavior has also been modified to make it more transparent to incoming audio. This update has also compensated for perceptible decay time changes resulting from the stereo bug fix.

In addition to these updates, Schroeder and Scope are now updated for iOS with the same updates as their desktop counterparts. This means that iOS users can enjoy the same level of functionality as desktop users.



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